Chapter 17: Old Face's

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Caroline's POV

''Morning Babe'' I kissed Ethan on the cheek. ''Morning'' Ethan tried to smiled. Shouting at Anna yesterday really hit him hard. 

''Are you okay?'' I was worried for my boyfriend.

''I'm fine I just need to talk to Ana'' Ethan got out of bed and got dressed. I rose from the bed and took a quick shower. 

''ANASTASIA WHERE ARE YOU'' I herd a voice shout from Ana's room. I walked in and saw Ethan reading a piece of paper. I walked over and saw that their was one for me

Dear Caroline

Thank you for everything you've done for me. I know it was wrong to run away but I needed to live my life the way I wanted, not governed by my brother and Kieran. I have left and I am never coming back. I love you like a sister and wish you the best of luck in life.

Love Ana 

''She can't leave'' Ethan collapsed on the floor. Loud sobs came from his mouth as he held his head. ''I shouldn't have shouted at her'' 

''Whats going on'' Charlotte appeared at the door and took the paper from Ethan.

''Oh my...'' Her eyes went wide.

''What do we do?'' I became worried. This isn't Anna, someone is playing her.

''We need to find her!'' Ethan jumped up of the floor and walked out of the room.

''You're going to need help'' Someone walked out of the spare room.

''Kieran what are you doing here?'' Charlotte raised an eyebrow at Kieran.

''I love her and I'm going to help you find here!'' Kieran nodded his head and went downstairs.

''We need all the help we can get'' Charlotte sighed and went downstairs. I went downstairs and walked into the living room where Kieran and Ethan were having a staring competition. 

''Ethan we need all the help we can get to find Ana'' Charlotte placed her hand on Ethan's arm. 

''This is for Ana''


Anastasia POV

''So what does a girl have to do around her for fun'' I sat upside down on the couch. ''I don't know we usually have school'' Layla shrugged. 

''Well them lets go. I want to do something'' I wined. I hated being cooped up. ''Alright them!'' Layla grabbed me arm and gave me a bag and a few pens and books.

''Jay, Issac, Jake c'mon lets go!'' Layla shouted up the stairs.

''Coming!'' Three voices replied.

We bundled up into Layla's car and drove to school. ''You need to blend in Stasia. People know us'' Jake warned me.

''This is my life now, lets live it to the fullest'' Layla parked in front of a giant building. I jumped out and strolled into the building. People everywhere turned to look at us walk through the doors. 

''Is that a new girl''

''Damn she's cute''

''What's she doing hanging out with them'' 


I turned to look at the last voice. Standing in front of me was the first man I made friends with.



''How are you?'' Wayne stat next to me in maths. We spent the whole period catching up with each other. Turns out that his father finally accepted him and that he has a boyfriend. 

''I've got to meet him!'' I smiled at my best friend. I missed having Wayne around.  

''He will love you'' Wayne grabbed his books and led me to the cafeteria. ''So your staying with Layla and her crew'' Wayne raised an eyebrow. 

''Yeah we go way back'' I laughed. Staying with them is fun. 

''Come on lets eat!'' Wayne stat down at a table and Layla, Jake and Jay came over.

''Where's Issac?'' I wondered where he was. We have English next and I need him to show me where our classroom is.

''Detention'' Layla rolled her eyes. 

We spent the rest of lunch horsing around and laughing. I loved it here

But I missed my friends 

And my family.

''Come on Stasia lets go!'' Jay shouted from the passenger seat of Layla's car, snapping me out of my daydream. 

''Coming Jay-Jay!'' I got in the car and Layla drove home. We pulled up to the house and Eric came storming out.

''WHAT THE F*CK, WHERE DID YOU GUYS GO!'' Eric looked mad. ''We took Annie to school with us'' Jay shrugged his shoulders like it was no big deal.

''Anastasia get inside'' Eric glared at me, It was like a completely different person took over his body.

''NOW!'' Not wanting to rage Eric anymore I walked inside. ''You aren't allowed to leave the house'' Eric grabbed me arm and started to pull me to the basement. 

''Eric stop!'' I tried to scream but he put his hand over my mouth.

''You disobeyed me Anastasia'' Eric dragged me down the stairs and changed me to the wall ''And nobody disobeys me!'' Eric punched me in the head. 

And the world went black. 


Hannah POV 

''Thanks Wayne for telling me'' I hung up on my cousin. Wayne had just told me that Anastasia when to his high school. She looked completely different since the last time he saw her.

Anastasia went missing a few weeks ago and people have been running around, trying to find her. She was a really big deal to Kieran and Ethan.

''I'll be back Harrison'' I called out to my brother as I closed the front door. People needed to know what Wayne told me. 

I jumped in my car and drove over to Anna's. I parked my car and made my way into the house. Ethan was sitting on the couch and Kieran was pacing. 

''I know where Anastasia is'' Everyone's heads turned to me. Kieran walked over to me and Ethan looked hopeful. 

''She's in Texas'' I announced to the room. ''I was talking to my cousin Wayne and apparently she showed up at his school with a bunch of people'' 

''Lets go people!'' Ethan shouted to his men. ''We've got to get her back asap''

''One more thing. Wayne said that she hasn't came to school for a few days now'' Ethan's body seized up ''He's trying to bring her back'' 

''Why would he bring her back?'' Kieran looked confused. I was as well.

''After he took her the first time it took many therapy sessions to get her back to normal. He turned her into a killing machine'' Ethan clenched his fist. 

''And because she is mad at us their a 90% chance that she would kill us'' Charlotte finished. ''We need to be careful'' Kieran ran his hands through his hair. 

''Is he hurting her?'' Kieran sounded broken. Even if he did kiss Cara for a dare he still loved Anastasia.

And she loved him.

''Hannah you stay back with Hayden, Bryn, Lynnette and Will'' I nodded and walked into the kitchen.

They need to save Anastasia

So she can save them.


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