Chapter 16: She's Here To Stay

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''Princess?!'' Ethan turned to look at me. ''What is Kieran Mandell Talking about?'' 

''Nothing!'' I rushed out.

''Anastasia your my girlfriend, why are you hanging around Ethan Elaine'' Kieran eyes flashed.

''Chill everybody. I need drugs before I begin'' Carol rushed off into the kitchen and grabbed me a bottle of Advil.

''Anastasia Ryn Elaine what is this man talking about'' Ethan stepped away from Kieran.


''Um where do I begin'' I looked at Carol for support. 

''Don't look away from me'' Ethan grabbed my arm. ''Let go of her!'' Kieran roared out.

''OH SHUT UP!'' Carol shouted out.

''Anastasia explain'' 

And thats what I did


''Anastasia Ryn Elaine-Crawford you are grounded until you turn 18'' My brother didn't take the news well about me and Kieran.

Actually neither did Kieran.

About who I really was

''I can do what I want Ethan!'' I glared at my brother.

''Just because you got raped as a kid doesn't mean that you can act like this'' Ethan shouted out. 

''Shut up!'' I left the room in tears. Ethan had never bought up the incident with Eric. 

''Anastasia wait'' Kieran called out from the bottom of the stairs.

''Why should I wait for you, go and kiss Cara'' I shouted out, tears clouding my vision. ''Princess!'' Kieran's face turned pale.

''Leave me alone, we are done!'' I shouted at him and slammed my door.

Why did life have to slap me in the face?

I started to cry and scream and shout away my feelings, but nothing worked. 

My replacement phone buzzed on my table.

Baby are you ok?. After what I saw through the window I received a clean message that your family doesn't want you anymore. You are just a burden to your siblings and your ex Kieran. Come with me and we can finish what we started 2 years ago.

Tomorrow by the pier

Love Eric. 

I must have been so upset and angry when I replied to his message. 

I'll be there!

My fate was sealed. I was going to leave this hell hole and go with people who actually want me

Even if its just for sex. 

I pulled out a bag and shoved in some clothes and other stuff. I went into the bathroom and flushed my phone down the toilet.  

If they want me, they can find me.

I hid my bag under my bed and got dresses in a black crop top, leather pants, my black converse and a black leather jacket. 

I looked ready.

I sat down at my desk and wrote three letter to the people I used to love. My siblings, Caroline and Kieran.

I sat the papers on my desk and grabbed my bag.

I messed this family up

So I need to clean up my problems. 

I jumped out my window and ran out the back. Passing all the guards I make my way to the school. I'll be safe here. 

I unlocked the door and walked into one of the classrooms. Opening up the desk draw I grabbed a permanent marker and left my sign. People may not know me but they can remember me. 

I pulled out a blanket from my bag and rested my head on the floor.

''Goodnight Mum and Dad''


The sea air sprayed my face. It was nearly 6 in the morning. Joggers and dog walkers were out, enjoying the coldness before the heat started. I looked out into the ocean, after spending the night at school I finally grabbed my stuff and made my way to the pier.

''Morning Babe'' I turned around to see Eric. He leaned in and gave me a hug. ''Lets go before they wake up'' He led me to a car.

''Hop in'' I jumped in the car and placed my bag on the floor. ''Eric whats going to happen with me?'' I looked up at Eric.

''Nothing's going to happen, I'll protect you with my life'' 

''Thanks Eric'' I smiled at Eric.

''Your safe with me'' 


We drove for hours, stopping over occasionally for bathroom breaks. It must have been 10am already. 

They must have seen the note.

''Here we are. Welcome home'' Eric stopped the car and got out. He walked over to my side and opened the door. 

''Time for a new beginning'' I smiled and walked inside the giant house. ''Hello everybody'' I saw many familiar faces and some new ones. ''Annie!'' Jay, Layla, Issac and Jake shouted out. 

''Its good to see you all'' I laughed and pulled them in for a hug. ''I missed you so much honey!'' Layla was like a sister to me. She took care of me every morning after Eric used me. 

''Are you here to stay?'' Jay asked.

''She can stay as long as she wants'' Eric looked into my eyes. 

''Nice to see you got her back boss'' Taylor and Daniel walked into the room. ''I always get what I want'' Eric boasted. 

Maybe Eric wasn't such a bad guy?

''Now we need to disguise Anastasia so no one recognizes her'' Issac gave me a fist bump and Jake did our secret handshake. 

''That's my area of expertise'' Layla grabbed my arm and dragged me upstairs.

''By the time your done, no one will recognize you'' 


I emerged from the room 2 hours later looking like a different person.

I looked like the old Anastasia. 

Layla took my arm and led me down stairs 

''Who's this Layla?'' Jay raised his eyebrow.

''This is Stasia'' Layla showed of her work. ''What!. That's not Annie!'' Jay walked over to me and looked at me.  

''Yes it is Jay-Jay'' I giggled at his nickname.

''Omg I can hardly recognize you'' Jay hugged me ''Good job Layla'' 

The old me is back

And she's here to stay


Hello peeps!

So the book is going to be coming to an end soon. :(

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It is going to be called ''Blondes Do Have More Fun''

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