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10:00am/ Grayson's POV

I haven't seen Ethan since last night he probably skipped it's cool as long as he's ok . I haven't seen Mary either.

My phone starts ringing ignore it then I feel guilty so I pull out my phone to check . It was my Mom I saw she left a voice mail so I went ahead and played it .

"Grayson your brother is at Jordan hospital he got in an accident but he's ok go pick him up  after school . I love you ." She says I stay still in a little bit of shock .


I'm walking to the hospital room ready to pick him up . I open the door and see Mary on the hospital bed asleep in Ethan's arms .

"You fucking bitch ." I whispered to Ethan .

"What." He replies .

"So did you get her back ?" I ask .

"No man she's just being nice ."he replies.

"What do you mean being nice ?" I ask.

"She's just being nice because I got hurt and she doesn't want to feel guilty. I can see it all over her face." He explains.

"Do you even like her Ethan ?" I ask him .

" I don't know ." He replies looking down in embarrassment.

"Ethan are you serious!" I say raising my voice slightly.

"Yes I'm serious I just like her being with me and not making me feel alone but I don't like her . She made me cool she got me out of being bullied. That's all I wanted is to be accepted by the school . Every time she leaves me I get scared and get her back so I won't lose all of my popularity." He replies and I stand there in disappointment.

"Wow I thought you actually liked her ." Is all I could say .

I start to hear soft sobs It wasn't Ethan i looked down and saw Mary crying. My heart shattered into 1 million pieces. Why does she have to get hurt. I rush over to her and get her off the bed .

"I'm going to go home now ." She mutters under her breath .

She pushes me out of the way and heads out. Man I hate Ethan so much .

"Get up were leaving go change." I tell him being serious .

"What clothes ?" He asks . I throw him clothes that I brought from home .

"Now go change."I say with no sort of emotion.

He walks in the restroom five mins later he's done . He grabs all of his stuff and we both head out . I noticed he had one of Mary's dopest hoodies I felt so bad for her I took it out of his hand .
We got in the car and I started to drive to her house to drop it off . The car ride was the most silent one we've ever had .
I kept looking over and seeing he kept texting his girlfriend. That bitch made my blood boil . Then I saw him text 5 other girls including my ex girlfriend.
We finally arrived to her house Ethan looked at me in confusion.I gave him a mean mug and got off the car . I knock on the door . She opens it and I see her red puffy eyes and red Nose . She's still crying.

"Here I came to drop this off ." I say handing the hoodie to her .

"You can keep it as long as you wear it ." She says .

"No No it's yours take it. It's expensive and it's yours ." I say insisting for her to take it .

"I'm not going to be your friend ." She threatens me .

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