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A few minutes ago, a few students could see a man with a gun walking in circles in the hallway. Sadly, Hoseok caught a glimpse of the man and started to panic. He started to scream and run around the classroom, making a big ruckus. Taehyung tried to calm him down, but even the teacher couldn't do that.

Someone then shouted that the man is starting to walk closer to their classroom's door. Bad decision because that just made Hoseok go even crazier than he already was. But one of the students could see that the man covered his ears and looked like he's in pain. The student lied and told Hoseok to scream louder because the man was holding a picture of him. And it worked.

Hoseok started to scream like it was the end of the world. The student let him scream as loud as he could till he saw that the man had fainted. He told Hoseok to stop and he sighed in relief.



Yoongi: Duh

Jin: I'm hurt

Jungkook: Okay, I have to get off my phone now since our teacher is telling Jimin and I to turn it off

Taehyung: Yea same here.

Yoongi: k, stay safe guys

Jimin: You too Yoongi hyung~

Yoongi: didn't we talk about this park jimin

Jimin: Keep calling me my full name

Yoongi: no

And everyone turned off their phones. Jimin and Jungkook could still hear the sound of someone trying to unlock the door. At this point, the teacher was done with this and opened the door. He was holding a pair of scissors in his hand for emergencies but apparently, that wasn't needed.

"Hi someone ordered pizza. It will be $11.56" A pizza guy holding a square box of pizza was holding out his hand for the money. Jimin suddenly stands up.

"Oh! That's for me!" He walks to the pizza guy and gives him the 20, "Keep the change." He grabs the pizza and walks away. The pizza guy then hops away with his 20.

Jimin walks to his spot which is next to Jungkook. Jungkook gives him a really face.

"What? If I didn't get food I would be the person trying to kill everyone." Jungkook shakes his head while sighing. Jimin takes out his phone to text everyone else about his beautiful pizza.

Jimin: Guess what you guys

Taehyung: What

Jimin: I got pizza


Jin: Jimin I'm coming over, what classroom are you in

Jimin: B2

Jin: k see u there

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