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Pen Your Pride

(A/N: This is my first fan fiction.  It would mean a lot to me if you voted or added this to your library.  Tell me if you think I should continue, but PLEASE don’t give me hate reviews.  I take constructive criticism, but no hate crap)

Remus’s P.O.V.

I walked into our usual compartment on the train and saw two thin, angular blonde-haired blue-eyed girls sitting in our carriage in the pale blue Beaubaxon uniforms.  They looked at me, and I saw a flash of mischief in one’s eyes.

“Hey Brea, Nymph,” I acknowledged.

“Did Nymph or I give it away?”  the placid looking one asked.

“Nymphie,” I said, and plonked down next to Nymphadora Tonks, the girl who had stolen my heart and ran to France with it.  I put my arm around her, and she giggled.  I told them about the pack’s latest scandal.  Namely, Snivillus.  At this, James Potter, Peter Pettigrew, and Sirius Black strutted into the room (Sirius and James strutted, Peter scampered).

“BLACK!!!” the sisters shouted in unison.

“I told you!! WE. ARE. OVER!!” Nymph screamed.

“Wait, you and Sirius DATED??!!??”  I asked, ready to punch Sirius, as Nymphie hexed him.

Regulus and her dated,” Brea supplied.

“Expelliarmus,” I got Nymph’s wand.

“Wul la hal leh lah lehm?” A giant Smurf version of Sirius -with no tongue- inquired.

“Apparently, Nymphie here dated your scumbag of a brother.”  I was creating death-to-Regulus plans as I spoke.  Then, Nymph spoke.

“Let’s go prank Veggie-Man, Lulu, Snivelus, and Trix-are –for-kids,” she said.  We all laughed at the outrageous nicknames and ran to the Slytherin compartments.

On the way, Brea turned to Lily Evans and got on Gryffindor robes.  James was practically drooling, and Sirius was MAD.  “Someone got a new crush?” I muttered, and both Brea and Sirius turned and snarled at me, Brea’s far more wild.

“Have you told them, Rem?” Nymph asked. 

“Yup,” I said.

“Well, I’ve got the same – how do I pit it – furry little problem, courtesy of Remmy,” she glared at me.

I got down on my knees.  “I am so so soooo sorry, Beatrice May Tonks, and I will make it up to you in any way I can.”

“I’ve told you what I want.  Don’t deny that you want it too,” she reminded me.

“I do, but I’d hurt someone,” I sighed unhappily. Nymphie looked ready to explode.

“Don’t turn Edward, Remus.  You’ll only get one chance,” Brea spat.

“I know,” I said miserably.  By then, Sirius looked ready to explode, too.  Brea looked at them, giggled, and walked down the hall to the Slytherin compartment.

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