Chapter 15 ~ 19th of June 2008

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It's been a while since I've seen Demi. She went on tour eighteen days ago. She's been busy with so many cool projects I wasn't even allowed to know about.

But this morning she called me. She sounded really excited.

Phone conversation between Shanon and Demi:
~ "Shanon, I have great news and I'm finally allowed to tell you what I've been working on in September last year." Demi said. "What's it?!" I asked. "Have you been watching Disney Channel lately?" Demi asked. "To be honest, I haven't watched Disney Channel since August last year." I said. "I've told you about certain auditions I did where I had to sing, right?" Demi said. "Yeah." "I got the part of one of them and omg.. It's going to be a life-changing opportunity." Demi said. "SAY IIIIIT!!" I screamed full of excitement. "I auditioned for the part of Mitchie Torres in the movie 'Camp Rock'. A MOVIE, SHANON, A MOVIE!" Demi screamed. "YEAH GO ON!" I couldn't wait for the news anymore. "The shooting of the movie was PERFECT. We had to shoot it somewhere in Canada. And guess who my co-stars were." Demi said. I started thinking. "I don't know, spit it out!" I said. "The Jonas Brothers." Demi said. I started yelling. I heard Demi laughing on the other side of the line. "And how's it going to be a life-changing opportunity?" I asked. "One: It's a movie instead of a series, two: I play the main character, three: My co-stars are The Jonas Brothers and four: I was allowed to sing in this movie and if there's one dream I want to be true, it's becoming a singer one day!" Demi said. "I'm beyond happy for you, Demi! Don't forget me when you're famous, okay?" I asked. "I haven't told you one of the even better things yet." Demi said. "WAIT, THERE'S MORE?!" I asked while screaming. "What date is it?" Demi asked. "The 19th of June, why?" "Tomorrow it's the 20th of June." Demi said mysterious. "Well, yeah, that's quite obvious since it's the 19th of June today. BUT WHAT'S WITH THAT DATE?!?" "The première of Camp Rock will be aired on Disney Channel tomorrow." Demi said. "NOWAAAAY. I GOTTA WATCH THAT!" I screamed. "Let's watch it together! Tomorrow I'm in town. I have two days off my tour. I haven't seen the whole thing as well." Demi said quite calm. "Let's do that!" I said. "My house tomorrow?" Demi asked. "Sure! See you tomorrow." I said. "Bye!" Demi said and she hung up. ~

So that happened. Demi's playing the main character in a movie and her co-stars are the one and only Jonas Brothers. Everytime I repeated that in my head, I got more and more excited for tomorrow. But that wasn't the only thing she's been working on. She sent me some emails including parts of songs she worked on. She told me I couldn't tell it to anyone else, but she's been working on an album as well. Two days ago she also sent me a song and said 'That's for an upcoming movie'. Now I finally understand what she meant with that. And she didn't only get the part of Mitchie in Camp Rock, but also the part of Sonny in the upcoming series Sonny With A Chance. I felt like a proud big sister when Demi told me all those things over text. She is finally about to live her dream. Not about to, actually. She's already living it.

This night I had a performance in front of the entire school with my band. I was quite nervous at first, but as soon as I saw who came to support me, I wasn't nervous anymore.

When I had to sing my solo, Demi walked inside. I don't think my smile could get any bigger. She waved at me and sat down next to my teacher. At the end of the performance she ran up to me and gave me a hug. "Shanon, that was amazing!" She said. "Thankyou! I couldn't have done it like this without you. I didn't think you would come!" I said. Demi laughed. "You support me, I support you. That's how we do it." She said. I laughed and gave her another hug. "By the way, I love your new hair!" I said. "Thanks! I had to do it like this for the movie, you know, but I love it." Demi said. "Yeah, the bangs look really good on you!" I said. Suddenly I heard a gasp next to me. It was Sarah. For a moment Demi and Sarah looked at each other. "Hey.." Sarah said. Demi tried to ignore Sarah but that seemed impossible. On that same moment I saw a tear coming out of Sarahs eye. Demi didn't see it. It stayed silent.

"Are you crying?" Demi suddenly asked after five minutes. Surprised I looked at Demi. I didn't see that coming. Sarah nodded. "And why?" Demi asked. "It's just-.. I need to talk to you. In a normal way." Sarah said. Demi looked at me. I could see she wanted to ask what the point of that was. I signed that she had to give it a shot. Maybe Sarah would finally apologise to Demi. Demi sighed and walked to the back of the stage with Sarah. After like ten minutes Demi walked up to me. When I looked at her, I saw she had a smile on her face. "What did she say?" I asked. "She apologised to me, but also said that it would be better if we didn't talk anymore." Demi said. "So.. You two are.. Cool now?" I asked. Demi shook her head. "I agreed with the fact it's maybe better if we don't talk anymore, but what she did will never be forgotten. I guess we both just need to move on and leave it in the past. She also mentioned that Kayla doesn't want to apologise, because she thought I 'deserved' it. Seems like I'm not talking to the both of them anymore." She said. We started laughing.

After a few hours we both walked home. "You really gotta do something with your talent, Shanon." Demi said. "All those people out there are so good.." I said with a sigh. "And so are you! You're amazing!" Demi said. I looked at her. "But.." I said. "No." Demi said. She stopped walking and looked at me. "You can do it. I believe in you." She said and she walked inside her house. She waved and then closed the door. I started thinking. What if she's right? Maybe I gotta do something with it for real. I walked further.

When I arrived at my house, I saw my mom dancing in the kitchen. I laughed and walked inside. Loud music was blasting out of the speakers in the living room. I stopped walking and listened carefully. Then my eyes got bigger. My mom was listening to the soundtrack of 'Camp Rock', the song Demi sent to me. I threw my bag on the staircase, took off my shoes and ran inside. "THIS IS REAL, THIS IS ME-" my mom sang. "I'M EXACTLY WHERE I'M SUPPOSED TO BE NOW." I sang. My mom looked at me. Then we both sang: "GONNA LET THE LIGHT SHINE ON ME!" My mom laughed and turned down the volume of the music. "How do you know this song?" I asked. "It's everywhere. People love the song! I wonder who it is." My mom said. I laughed and walked into the kitchen. I took a glass out of the cabinet and put water in it. "Wait a second.." I suddenly said. I walked towards my mom. "You said you didn't know who the singer of the song is?" I asked. "Yeah, she has a really good voice!" My mom said. "Mom.." I put down my water. "That's Demi." I said. My mom looked at me. "You're kidding.." She said. "No, mom. I'm dead serious. That girl is Demi." I said. "And the other guy?" My mom asked. "That's Joe Jonas. "I said. My mom's eyes got bigger. "You mean THE Joe Jonas? From the Jonas Brothers??" She asked. "Yeah." I said. "But.. How? I mean... How?!" My mom asked. "Look." I said. I sat down next to my mom. "I already told you Demi was busy the past few months. She's been doing auditions and one of them was the part of 'Mitchie' in the movie 'Camp Rock'. She got the part and she's been to Canada to shoot the movie. Her co-stars were the Jonas Brothers and best of all: Tomorrow is the movie première on TV, Disney Channel!" I said. "Aren't you jealous?" My mom asked. "No, Demi finally makes her dreams come true. I feel more like a proud big sister." I said. My mom nodded, stood up and walked into the kitchen. I stood up as well. "I'm gonna sleep. I'm tired." I said. "Good night, sweetheart." My mom said. I got a smile on my face. "Good night mom." I said and I walked upstairs.

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