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"WHEN did you last see her, Baekhyun?" Jin asked the shorter male nervously.

He was a mess just as Jin was. Noting that you had disappeared hit him as hard as hearing about Chanyeol.

He cleared his throat, trying to think properly of the last time he saw you. His hands were shaking and his voice came out weak and cracked.

"J-ust a few weeks ag-o. We were hanging out and talking about Chanyeol."

"What was said? Did she know anything? Did you?" Jin started to become frantic. His slender finger tugging at his hair a nervous manner.

"Calm down. And no...I just, I told her about what Chanyeol said before he had disappeared."

"Which is?"

"That the guy she's dating was following him. He said he didn't get a nice feeling from him. That he even threatened him while at work once. She seemed surprised and horrified when I told her. I don't know what happened after that. Maybe she tried ending it with him. We need to find her." Baekhyun was now the one freaking out. He started crying and ran to the door but Jin grabbed him.

"Wait! I know we need to find her. Believe me, it's been bothering me ever since I came home to see she was missing. She's my best friend. We've been like this since we were kids. And I know just as well as me that you love her too. You, Her, and Chanyeol formed an unbreakable bond." It was silent for a moment and Baekhyun listened to Jin as he spoke.

He could tell he was just as worried. He had never seen Jin in such a messy state.

"We just need to figure out where he is. Then I know, we will find her for sure."

"You think he's got something to do with it?" Baekhyun asked curiously, following Jin who was now walking to the door.

Jin stopped, holding the door handle before slowly turning to Baekhyun.

"Oh I know for sure he does."

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