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i woke up to the same smeel of cigaretts again my littel brother smoking "ryan really!!!?" he looked at me and gave me an evil smile "oh shut up robin!!" yea my name is robin the day of my birth my mother was high and finished watching robinhood she thought i was a boy until the doctor cut of my cord she thought he cut of my "pen*s" but i have always been a disapointment to her my father comes around now and then but only to scr*w my mother then he leaves again to his usual get high and drunk status... This has been happening since i was born my mom found out she was pregnant of me at the age of 13 ..she said i was an accident a mistake that came into this world that shouldnt be here .. i got my things and headed out i opend the door to find jerry "what do you want i hissed to him" he glared at me "chill im here to see yo bro we ganna do some buisness" my littel brother got involved with jerry and his "crew" not long ago. and im not happy about it . he pushed me and walked into my house (apartment). i walked down the hall to the same things room #32 her husband beats her they have been living here since i was old enough to walk room #12 the idiot sells cheap we*d room #56 is an old lady that has a bunch of kinds from babies to teens living with her. she almost toke me in one time when she seen me crawling down the hall room #45 sam likes alotta woman so he tends to have as many as he can and last room #9 is a very old man he walks around the hall alkl the time with his huddie on and a suite case i have never seen his face i dont think anyone has??...

( its not alot i know just a preview)

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