Oceans (Mikey x Mermaid!Reader)

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"That's what everybody thinks. We're really just human and fish hybrids." You said.

"Hey! Maybe you could come meet my family!" He said.

"How? I can't drag myself through the streets. Plus I don't want to be seen." You said.

"Oh, yeah..." He said.

"You could bring them here." You said. He brightened up. 

"Yeah! Good idea!" He said. He climbed out. "See you tomorrow same time okay?" He said. 

"Got it!" You replied. He ran off.

"Bye (Y/n)!" He called.

*The next night*

You waited for him under the docks. You hoped he could come. What if he didn't? You continued to wait.

"I'm telling you she's real!" You heard Mikey's voice.

"I'm not so sure about that." You heard another voice. It sounded tough and kinda rude.

"Whatever! You'll change your tone once you see her!" Mikey defended.

"Mikey, mermaids are a myth. It was probably just a dream." Another more mature sounding voice said.

"It wasn't a dream Leo! I know I saw her!" The voices got closer and soon footsteps sounded on the dock.

"So, where is this mermaid?" A third voice asked.

"She should be here..." Mikey said. "(Y/n)!" He called. You chuckled.

"Right here Mikey." You said, still under the dock. 

"WHAT WAS THAT!?" The tough one shouted. You heard weapons being pulled out. You remembered Mikey carrying nun-chucks. Mikey knew where you were.

"I know where she is! Come on!" He said. He jumped and you heard the one called Leo shout,

"Mikey!" Mikey splashed into the water. Before he could surface you dragged him under the dock and you both held in your giggles. You held up one finger, telling him to be quiet.

"Mikey!" The tough one called as the three of them raced to the edge of the dock.

"Where'd he go!?" The nerdy sounding one said.

"I don't know! He never surfaced!" Leo said. 

"SHOW YOURSELF WHOEVER YOU ARE!" The tough one yelled.

"That's Raph." Mikey whispered. "He's in the red mask. Leo is blue. Donnie is purple." You nodded, getting an idea.

"Wait here." You whispered. You swam out and looked at them from under the water. You got sight of Raph. You grinned. You swam toward the dock again and jumped out. Before they could see you, or react Raph shrieked as you knocked him into the water. You quickly hid again. You listened from under the water.

"Raph! What happened?" Leo asked.

"I don't know! I was hit by something!" He said. You swam up behind him and slowly lifted the end  of your tail out of the water, ready to splash him. 

"Raph! Look out!" Donnie said. You splashed him with full force and swam away from him. You got Mikey and he surfaced out from under the dock so the others could see him. He was laughing his head off. 

"MIKEY!!" Raph yelled angrily.

"Don't get mad at me! It was (Y/n)'s idea!" Mikey said. "And that was perfect! Right (Y/n)?" He said. You surfaced and laughed along.

"Yeah!" You agreed. The all gasped in shock.

"She's real!?" Donnie exclaimed.

"I'm as real as any of you are." You replied.

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