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Love Hurts

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Kay guys this is like my first one shot so don't be hatin' or anything

and I know it' s not really a one shot it's more like a 5 shot oh well just bear with me and read it

and then it would be nice if you..ya know..gave me feedback

kk thanks and enjoy <:)


Harry's got feelings for Niall that he's trying to hide from everyone - even himself. When Zayn finds out his little secret, everything goes downhill. But can Niall save the day?


Harry took deep breaths and tried to slow his heart rate down. Stop it, he thought, stop looking at him. But he could only try to tear his gaze away from the Irish boy sitting across the rehearsal room, laughing like always at something Louis had said. The two sat there chatting and giggling as though they didn't have a care in the world. Harry frowned. He was getting that feeling again; that feeling he had whenever he saw Niall having so much fun with someone that wasn't him. He had convinced himself it wasn't jealousy. What was there to be jealous of? He was Harry Styles. He was the one who picked up girls almost every night at clubs, coffee shops, any place that had girls; he could get ‘em. Girls. He liked girls. Not boys, not Niall. Things had been different lately, though. Usually he was real smooth with the ladies, but for the past couple weeks he somehow wasn't able to get even one girl. It seemed every time he wanted to chat a girl up, his mind wouldn't function properly for some reason. Any words that had even managed to come out of his mouth came out jumbled and stuttering. And he repeated over and over that the reason was definitely not, and never would be Niall. But he could only lie to himself for so long.


"You like him, don't you?" Harry jumped at the voice of his fellow band mate. Zayn was looking at him with a smirk on his face. Harry blinked, trying to look confused. "What do you mean, like him? Like who?" Harry very well knew what he meant, but he couldn't tell him that of course. "Oh please," came Zayn's reply, "you've been staring at him eat pizza for almost twenty minutes now." He subtly motioned towards Niall with a quick movement of his head. It was true, Harry had been observing Niall eat. He couldn't help watching, Niall was just so cute when he ate. The way he folded his pizza down the middle in order to get it down faster, the way he would pause every couple minutes to laugh loudly at a joke Louis had made. He realised Zayn was still staring at him, grinning from ear to ear. Harry shrugged and tried to act cool. "Of course I like him," he said, "he's one of my best friends." Zayn frowned at Harry’s stubbornness. "No, Harry," he shook his head, "you like like him." Harry began to laugh, as loud as he could. "Zayn, oh my god, why would you even-" he playfully slapped Zayn on the arm. Oh god what am I doing stop it. But he couldn’t stop. He giggled like a overly flirtatious girl talking to her crush. All the boys had stopped talking and were now staring at him with baffled expressions on their faces. He just kept laughing, knowing that if he stopped he would let something slip about his feelings for Niall.


“What the hell was that, Harry?” Zayn walked into the kitchen where Harry sat, confused and embarrassed. Harry shrugged and mumbled a couple words. He couldn’t answer Zayn because he himself didn’t know what the hell that was. Zayn took a seat next to him.

“Hey man, if you like Niall, you can tell me you know. I would never tell him.” Oh please, you would tell him in a heartbeat. Harry stared at him. “I don’t like him, okay? Stop bothering me.”

“Alright Harry, no need to get rude.” Zayn got up, roughly pushed his chair in and stomped towards the exit, slowing down near the door in case Harry decided to change his mind. Harry watched him, a little amused but still annoyed at how easily he would give in. He put his hands up in surrender, “Okay,” Zayn stopped in his tracks and turned to face him, a wide grin on his face. Harry took a deep breath, “maybe, maybe I like him a little. Okay? Are you happy now?” Zayn looked like he had never been happier. He scurried back over and plumped himself down in the chair next to Harry’s and began drilling him with questions, when did it start? What did it feel like? Was he going to do anything about it? The exact questions Harry had been asking himself for a while now,“Look I don’t know okay I just need time to think and figure things out.”

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