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Kylan sits out of the way, watching Matt as he fiddles around with his tablet before placing it down in a space he cleared, having made sure multiple times that it won't fall or slide when he places it there. He glances up once more to Kylan before finally pressing the button to start his live stream - already having sent out a tweet to let his followers know that he is planning to do one.

He watches as Matt greets the people coming to watch as they slowly rise at first before too many people are tuning in or commenting greetings for him to deal with, so Matt starts to look through the comments for questions.

"'How are you?' I'm good and so is everyone else before anyone asks. What about you guys?"
"'I love you, Matt' I love you too."
"'What's the theme today?' I haven't actually got one today. I was just bored and decided to see what you guys are up to."
"'Where's your green shirt?' In the wash right now but if it finishes before I leave this, I'll put it on to honour our deal."

Kylan looks up from his phone which he is playing on while Matt talks to his fans and raises an eyebrow as he bites his lip to stop himself laughing aloud.

When Matt looks up and spots what he is doing, he shrugs while explaining, "I made a deal with the people during filming for season 2a that I would wear a green shirt in all of my live streams."

Kylan nods before letting Matt go back to his live steam, content to stay out of the way and listen. He knows how awkward it is to be watched so he only really looks up when Matt says something that catches his attention or when a weird or funny question comes through. Occasionally, Matt will say something to him but the older male never asks him to be part of the live stream - Kylan already having said that he doesn't feel like causing more drama.

"'What's LA like?' It's actually really fun here with everyone. Also, I learnt a few things too so I'd say that it was well worth coming here."
"'Where is everyone else?' They're around - a couple of them have gone out today but I didn't feel like it. I got a bit of sunburn as well so I don't want to make that worse and stuff."
"'Have you been to see the Teen Wolf cast? Like Kylan and Brad since you've talked to them on social media before' That was a long comment. I have seen Kylan and Brad, and I also met Kylan's sister too. They picked everyone else up at the airport and I travelled to the airport with them that day." Matt smiles, glancing over quickly as Kylan gets up before looking back towards the camera. "They're fun to hang out with and obviously know LA better than us."

Kylan motions that he is leaving the room before heading into the kitchen to grab himself a drink, also getting Matthew a bottle of water while he is there. On the way back to Matt, he stops at Brad's room to get his phone charger back before re-entering his own room. He drops his own drink off on the bedside table before plugging his phone in.

He then steps over to where Matt is scrolling through comments and holds out the drink, causing Matt to turn his attention to him for a second as he takes it from Ky.

"Thanks." Matt smiles, watching for a moment as Kylan backs up before dropping down onto his bed and lying on his back.

Kylan sticks his tongue out at him, smirk when it gains a laugh from Matt before indicating for the older male to pay attention to his live stream.

"'What's so funny?' I just saw something that I found amusing."

Matt shrugs after answering that one, which makes Kylan huff in amusement because the action reminded him of a small child caught doing something they shouldn't have been doing.

The live stream goes on for a while longer; in the meantime, Kylan gets up multiple times to go to the bathroom, make them food and put it in the oven to cook or to get a sweater since he started to get cold at one point. He decides to check the dryer on the way back to the bedroom from the bathroom, seeing that it has finished so he empties the machine. After dividing it up into who owns what, he takes Bradley's stuff to his room, goes back for his own and Matt's before taking both piles to his own room for now. He drops everything on the bed carefully, separating out Matt's green top that he had talked about earlier in the live stream and stepping over to show Matt that it is done now.

"Looks like I can fulfil our deal after all because my top is done." Matt shows the top to the camera before moving back so that he has room to change tops. "Let me just change and then everything will be right in the world."

Kylan smiles, reaching over and covering the camera with his palm; he also bends down a bit to read the comments as Matt switches shirts. He's seen Matt shirtless countless times now so it's lost its novelty at this point. He looks around when Matt settles back into his spot, now sporting the freshly washed top, which is probably still warm from the dryer. Ky then takes his hand away, making sure to be completely out of sight as he does so, before Matt resumes the live stream - which he seems to be winding down now.

"'Unless you have powers, you did not touch the camera. Your hands were in sight the whole time before it went black.' I'm magical." He winks to the camera.

After a few last questions, he says his goodbyes and ends the feed. Kylan chuckles quietly when it takes the other actor more than one attempt to get it to stop before fake-cheering in excitement with Matt when it actually works for him.

"Are you keeping that on or do you want me to take it to your room with the rest?" Kylan speaks up, standing from where he was laying on the bed and gathering up all of the clothes that belong to Matt that he had just dumped with his own stuff from the dryer.

"I'll take all this and put the other shirt back on," Matt responds as he takes the clothes out of Kylan's arms, motioning for the younger male to put his own stuff away before leaving the room.

Kylan laughs to himself as he puts his own stuff away, marvelling at how domestic that moment was, before wandering to the kitchen and dishing up the food since it's done - just in time for Brad to come through the door.

"Good timing,"

"Obviously," Brad replies, offering his best friend a cheeky smile before greeting Matt as they pass each other in the hallway.

Once all three have done everything they needed to do, they settle with their food in the living room, catching each other up on what the others have missed while they were all apart - Kylan also telling Brad about the deal Matt has with his followers about the green shirt.

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