Red balloon

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You sighed and got up the next day. You groaned rubbing your head and realized you were in Bev's room. She woke up and heard her dad.

We panicked and she sent me out the window. I stood on a ledge and moved from the windows view. Stan was passing by when he saw me "y/n?!"

I looked at him and smiled and pressed a finger to my lips. I saw another ledge down below and I sat on the ledge slowly going over.

I jumped to that one and to another one. I saw one more to go and I jumped. I grabbed it with my fingers as I passed. I gasped and pulled myself up before jumping to the grass.

Stan grabbed me before I hit the grass. He shook his head making his curls ruffle "you're crazy!"

I laughed and lowered myself from his arms. I shook my head "let's do it again!" His mouth opened "no!"

You giggled and grabbed his wrist pulling him "so where is everyone?" He shrugged "I don't really know.."

You sighed and dropped his wrist but smiled "okay I have to go to the pharmacy.." Stan nodded "I can come too!" You shrugged "okay"

Stan opened the door for you making you laugh. The bell rang and you went on the search for an aisle. The cashiers eyes followed you and you shuddered.

You spotted eddie and Richie talking on the candy aisle. You waved and walked up to them "hey!" They smiled at you breaking the tension from before.

"Whatcha guys talking about?" You questioned. "Uh" Eddie muttered and Richie butted in "the fair that's happening soon and the missing kids. After you left the quarry Ben took us to his house and kids go missing every 27 years."

I grimaced "weird. And kids are going missing now, right?" They both nodded and Stan groaned "it's probably nothing, anyways are you going to the fair y/n!" I nodded.

"I have to get something." I said and went to the pad aisle. The guys followed and I spoke "close your eyes" they followed the orders. I looked for them and I saw Richie look quickly and his eyes widened.

He shut them tightly and I held in a laugh. I grabbed some and went and payed. We left the pharmacy and saw bill, bev and Ben. I smiled and waved at them "hey!"

"I have to go pick my bike up but you guys want to ride around?" They all nodded and I ran off.


I ran to my backyard and grabbed my bike from the shed. I turned and the door slammed shut making me jump. I growled "stupid wind" I tried to open it but it wouldn't.

I looked around and the shed started getting smaller "what?!" I screamed and backed against the door.

Something pushed me off of it and I fell into the middle of the shed. I sat and looked at the ground.

Black dots started coming towards me and I realized it was spiders. I jumped up as they started going up my legs.

I couldn't find my voice or breathe. Finally I let out a blood curdling scream as I shut my eyes tightly.

I felt nothing. I opened my eyes slowly and everything was gone and normal and the door was open.

I grabbed my bike and ran not looking back for if I had I would have seen the red balloon.

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