Chapter 25 - when I just fell in love with him

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Exactly like Jason does.

Guess I have a thing for the alpha men.

I press my back into Jason. A secret smile sneaks onto my lips.

I reach back and wrap my arms around him. I glance up. His eyes are smiling down at me.

Yay, Happy Jason is back.

I smile at him. He sweetly kisses my forehead.

My heart squeezes with affection and happiness.

I move my face and eyes back to the stage at the exact moment Chris curls his hand around the microphone and leans in close to it.

Then, he starts singing the intro to their latest hit song .

A few beats later, the rest of the band joins in.

And here, in Jason’s safe hold, I float off to  heaven.

My hand is firmly in Jason’s as he leads me backstage to meet Coldplay.

Still on a high from the phenomenal concert, I’m close to peeing at the thought of actually meeting the band.

I really hope I don’t act like a total freak.

The concert was amazing and everything I’d hoped a rock concert would be. I get to tick that off my list now. And I can add meet Coldplay and tick that off, too.

And all because of Jason. He truly is the best.

Jason shows our backstage passes to a burly security guy who is guarding the entrance. He lets us through, and then we’re backstage.

It’s total mayhem back here. I’m guessing the people bustling about are the roadies working to pack up all the stuff.

“The band should be in the green room, so we’ll head there,” Jason tells me.

Leaving the backstage area, we walk down a long hallway until we find the green room.

I can hear music and the chatter of voices behind the door.

“Ready?” Jason stares down at me.

“No. Yes.”

“Which is it?” He chuckles.

“Just don’t let me act like an idiot. I have a tendency to ramble and go a little crazy when I’m nervous.”

A grin slides onto his lips. “Like kissing strangers who sit next to you on airplanes?”

“Exactly like that.”

His eyes darken a little, but the smile remains. “Yeah, well, no kissing anybody in there but me. Got it?”

“Got it.” I smile, giving him a thumbs-up, appeasing him.

I don’t want Moody, Jealous Jason to make a comeback. Not that I’m going to be kissing anyone in there.

But…if Chris Martin did ask for a kiss, who would I be to say no?

Just kidding.

Sort of.

Jason pushes open the door, leading me into the green room, and—

Holy fuck.

They’re here. COLDPLAY is here. In this room. With me.

Oh my God!

There are other people here, but I can’t see anyone else because all I can see is Chris and Guy and Jonny and Will .

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