Chapter 1: Pills

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Her eyes stung from blood that trickled down her face, eyelashes dabbed in the crimson liquid. Or was it the tears that her pride has kept from her for so long, with what she was looking for, for it to be so tangable and right infront of her, it disolved instantly below her touch, shrouding her in the pitch of darkness she might as well of been blind, reaching out to what shes been fighting for, the sound of a snap, a feeling of crumbling glass tore through her palm the sharp pain taking hold of her last glimce of mental stability, it was over.

Awoken by the pain she felt, her body cold in sweat she shook herself awake, eyes shot open as she took a sharp inhale of the stale air that clung to the walls and ceiling of her small bedroom, huddled to the corner of her bed she caccooned herself in the warmth of her blankets, leting the tears she held back in her nightmare flow from her emotion. She sat there, paralyzed in shock for the rest of the night, her eyes torn open never to blink it felt, she saw the dust dance as sunlight sunk through her blinds.

The sleepless nights had indulged a sickness that drove the young girl to the hospital, tired and limp she proped herself against the wall of a clinic waiting room, twiddling and playing with the blue end ribon that tied her hips length hazelnut hair into a messy braid. Her mother's voice carried through the room, a husky scornful voice as if the insides of her throat have been cut out, or maybe it was just the throat cancer that started to take her over. "An appointment for Amy E. Odwell, im her mother, Natasha." Amy's mother did her best as a single mom, they were never high on money and their house needed cleaning, as did eachother's messy hair, but by Amy's standerds she was happy and never asked for anything more for its all shes known to live comfortably.

Soon after Natasha had re-braided and combed out the frizzy mess of Amy's hair leaving a kiss on top of the young girls forhead, her name was called. "Stay here sweetie, I just need to talk to the doc. about a few small things before you go back for a check up." The mother smiled sweetly, her yellowed teeth, stained of the coffee and nicotine. Amy smiled back, her teeth not as bad a few fillings here and there left from a family member's dental attempt of helping. "My daughter has been lacking sleep, and im not sure if our ensurance will carry the bill...-who was she kidding, what ensurance- She has gotten to sick to even eat, and shes diabetic so... Can I somehow, make a compermise?" Natasha had fixed up her hair extra wavy that morning before, glossed on some light lipstick and wore a simple dress, she was never seen as anything less than beautiful, her modeling career would of taken off but a few things have gotten in the way. She looked the doctor over with her emerald eyes and hid the rejecting eyebrow peircing from under her bangs, Natasha wasnt any older than twenty-three. Soon after Natasha looked back at her young daughter who was picking at a small hole at the sole of her sandle and gave a meek smile, she would beable to pay off the medical bill, with somthing more valuable than money as she fallowed the doctor back into one of the patient's vacant rooms.

Amy never gave interest in where the money came from and how she was able to eat a decient breakfast each monday morning. She never questioned where the cash came from, she was just proud of her mommy to see her smile each morning while watching her daughter eat. Amy knew it was hard after Eddy- Her thoughts cut off after a rapidly growing headach took place in the back of her scull, she winced as she wraped her palms under her tangled hair. Once again her developed nightmares took hold, images of a dark double door, only the shine of it's glossed cold knobs glew in the misty dark, Amy refered to the dark mist as her mother's ashy smoke that evaporated from the neck of a cigarette, Marlboro Blacks 100s, the smoke was enticing and thick when it took up her mind, blind she felt. The sharp pain that ticked in the back of her scull became heavy and a voice jogged her thoughts, "Dolly... Dolly! Wake up!" She felt her arm being pulled at, glancing up the face broke through the smoke, jet black hair and dark brown eyes. "Dolly..?" Amy questioned, she ripped her arm away from the stranger and struggled to stand, but her hands and knees remanded locked. "I'm not-" Her voice cut short when the boy of black hair and dark eyes glared. "Get up!" He demanded. Amy shook her head and her mind snaped to an unfoged scene, her eyes glazed. "Get up." The voice triped into a sweeter voice, a young girl about her age helped her back to her feet. "W-whered he go? The boy, where is he?" The girl looked puzzled at the deranged Amy. "What.. boy?" The girl tiled her head, thinking 'man, she must be in the wrong hospital.'Amy then came to her sences, she was back in the hospital, her headach lessend. How long was I out, Amy questioned herself, her sight still to on edge to make out the numbers of the clock.