This novel focuses on the misadventures of power attorney, Republican conservative journalist, pundit, radio broadcaster and author Benjamin Aaron Shapiro, whose mission is to eradicate the tyranny of conservative public policy by debating over the issues affecting all political figures. It is a promise Ben Shapiro keeps when he writes and presides over his conservative talk radio show - and the characters in this novel, among them Jason Stapleton, Matt Drudge, Lawrence F. O'Donnell Jr., Matthew Quirk, Charlie and Robert Hurt, Doug Brunt and Neil Cavuto, are still as controversial and highly riveting as it has been in previous years.

Shapiro is a modern day poster boy for the twenty-first century. He has written many books that are focused on Republican and libertarian hardships between the RNC and the DFL. For all of the fans of nonfiction political exposes written by the likes of Robert U. Woodward, Chris Matthews and Sean Hannity, respectively, this novel is a parody of Ben Shapiro himself, having sounded off over the issues and conspiracy theories concerning Presidential reform.

In my opnion, Shapiro is an inspiration.

So does my fictional account of Shapiro discussing the latest news on Capitol Hill.

For many do-gooders who demand Ben Shapiro, the novel you are about to read tells the story of Ben Shapiro's rise to fame as radio's most outspoken pundit in the Nation's Capitol. Shapiro tells the story of Shapiro's career as one of the high controversial Republican conservative talk radio conspiracy theorists in America today.

This is a novel with funny, hilarious punchlines, offbeat suspense, and the mysteries concerning Benjamin A. Shapiro's rise to conservative apprehension beyond the Nation's Capitol.

The basis for Shapiro is the real-life Benjamin Aaron Shapiro himself, who was born in Southern California. Since becoming an attorney throughout his career, Ben Shapiro has been debating on the issues making headlines in Washington, D.C. - the heart of civil government - and how his career as a conservative talk radio pundit has been the embodiment of all other Repulican political pundits telling the truth from a lawmaker's perspective.

            I dedicate this novel to Ben Shapiro, the host of The Ben Shapiro Show; my colleagues and editors at Hachette Book Group; the entire Largedere Publishing North America family; Matthew Quirk; Westwood One's John Trout and Evan Haning; Wolf Blitzer; Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom; the staff and management of U.S. News & World Report; and Hachette Book Group master trade book publishing licensees including Penguin Random House in Europe, Southeastern Asia and Australia, HaperCollins in New Zealand, Bonnier in Sweden, and Simon & Schuster in Canada.

All of you are the best!

Once again... I ain't got time to blog!

Mark T. Watson

January 2018

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