Chapter:2 ~ Unknown Meeting (Part II)

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Xavier's POV:


It's 10:30 pm. I entered my room and didn't see Ariana unlike other days; sitting on the couch while writing reports and journals that make psychology easy for her students.

I looked around the room cautiously without getting caught that I was searching for her. I want to ignore the fact that her face relieves some of my tensions every single day when I get back from my office.

I took a warm shower and changed in my loose pyjamas without anything on top. I am drying my hair with a towel, looking at my emails on the phone which is still on charge.

'Xavier', Ariana called softly from my behind.

Her voice made my inner-self smile and jump in happiness, but I kept a straight face and turned to see her.

She is wearing a loose and warm grey sweater and her cute pink pyjama. Her hair are tied in a bun and her flicks are messed behind her ear. She looks damn cute.

She is looking down at the floor holding a tray of 'veggie-pizza on whole-wheat bread loaded with vegetables and cheese plus Greek yoghurt with banana and blueberries.

'What's this?', I ask as if I can't understand that there is something called food on the tray.

'You must be very tired. I made these especially for you. It is good for your brain and helps enrich essential proteins in your body.', Ariana replied very softly. 'You had a meeting so I thought you would have skipped your meal. So I made this.', She added.

She looks damn cute explaining the side-benefits of extra calories. She is blushing. Her cheeks have turned red because of the silence I left after her explanation.

I love staring at her, it makes her nervous and her face turns red with embarrassment as if I am going to grab her suddenly and smooch her lips.

It will go right this way if I looked for more details.

'I don't love eating so many calories even if they have good effects on my body.', I replied carrying no emotions in my voice.

'But... It to ...', Ariana stammered making her smile fade.

'Okay.' She said after a few seconds of staring at the tray.

She started turning away and going out with that delicious food without asking me once again.

What! Am I scary that she will not argue with me even for once?

'Put that on the side table, I will eat it.', I stopped her. 'I will eat it for this time only. Don't make food for me if you don't know my choices.' I replied not looking at her this time.

From the corner of my eyes, I can see her smile reaching her eyes. She put the tray on the table and then start going towards the door.

'Where are you going?' I asked.

'Chloe needs help for her school project, so I will be staying with her tonight.', she replied.

'Okay.' I replied feeling disappointed.

So I will not get to see her tonight, the whole night!

I turned to see the delicious food waiting for me and I know my heart is jumping even if my face is looking bored. One bite and I am feeling the melting cheese overpowering my taste buds giving my body pure bliss.

It is the most delicious food I have enjoyed after my mom's cooking. She died due to cancer when I was 12 and even before Chloe's first birthday. After so many years I felt that same taste and love while eating something which is made especially and only for me.

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