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Hey guys! Here is another chapter of The Game! Now, for the next upload, I will be asking for 5 votes! Just 5! Hopefully you guys like this one (: VOTE, FAN and READ :D


My heart thundered in my chest, deafening me from the surrounding crowds applause. This is it, I have now begun the game that will test my fate.  I trudged from my spot in the arena to the exit. I lifted my head, only to see a blood demon competitor looking at me, he slowly met my eyes and slowly yet sickeningly he drew his finger across his neck. Oh great, not only do I have to deal with a bunch of neanderthals following me to kill me, but now I have one of the devils little best friends out to finish my life. Great, just great, 

My eyes widened to the point that my forehead hurt. My mate's here, my will to live is in this very crowd, I thought to myself with a smile. I finally stumbled through the door and walked up to the race line. I was walking blindly as I tried to look all around me to find him. Where is he? I asked my wolf I, I don't know. I can't pick up his scent. I can't even feel him through the bond. How strange. My wolf answered. I shook my head at this answer, how is that even possible? I was brought out of my thoughts as the bell rung.  I began to walk slowly, in back of all the other specials as we were all handed a map to Gaunda. It showed the directions in pictures, down this path, through Lycan forest and through the Great Death lake. Those were some promising directions, I thought to myself. OH COME ON! You can't be bored and criticizing this trip already! My wolf whined. Trip? Trip?! Don't you mean test of survival? My soon to be hell?! You are crazy. Well.........if you're gonna be mean, then I guess you won't need your shifter senses, now will you?  That would be pointless, if I die, you die. End of story. Not necessarily, I could always just find a new host. she replied smugly. Well, that may be true, but what about your mate? You'll have to wait until his host's body dies, AND you'll have to wait until your host is 17 years old again sooo.........have fun with that. All I got back from her was a growl. With the map securely in my teeth, I began to jog, then,  jumped in the air and landed on four feet in wolf form. Everything enhanced in this form, I took a quick sniff to my surroundings. I detected a male presence to my right behind a tree as  I approached Lycan forest. Not wanting to take any risks, I moved to the left and as I passed the tree, I ran at an inhuman, and unwolfy pace. Due to me being such a powerful special, I had faster speed than the average shifter, and I could use all of my abilities at the same time, in both forms. As I dashed past the tree, a unicorn that was next to me didn't detect the threat behind the tree and kept it's leisure pace. Just as he passed the tree, the same blood demon from earlier jumped out from the tree and snapped the unicorns neck. I looked at it, horrified.RUN sage! I ran like never before. Never had I ever seen such a messed up sight before. It was a unicorn! A FREAKING UNICORN! WITH ITS HORN AND ALL! IT WAS A FREAKING PRETTY UNICORN! Gosh, now Im pissed! Blood demons and unicorns have no issues like that at all. I mean, I would understand if it was me, but a unicorn?! two words for you, messed up! Man! Now I just want to punch the ugly demon in the face! Now I want to freaking pour holy water on his unholy ass! Ugh! Would you shut up?! Focus! This is a game of survival, In the fight for survival, one must witness death. So just shut your dang mouth, and keep moving forward! Look, a wall, well that's just great! And she wasn't lying either. Right there, was a wall with a riddle on it. Oh screw the riddle, im not in the mood right now, I thought as I used my telekinesis to move the wall.

 I continued to run on as I approached an opening in the woods. What? That can't be right. This trip through the forest should have taken at least a day. Wow, you really are not the brightest light bulb in the chandelier. And what are you trying to imply there, you over-sized house dog? I growled back at her. So mean. Anyways, I guess you didn't realize how fast you were running huh? Um, no. How fast was I running? Last time I checked, you kept a steady pace of about 80 miles per hour. Sooo, we've reached death lake already? I asked hopefully. Oh, it's death lake alrighty. she mumbled as the water in the lake began to move. Three figures walked out of under the water, through the mist to meet my eyes................I stared at them, paralyzed in horror. Zombies?! You have got to be kidding me.







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