KYLO had received scratches on his knuckles from punching them into the board of his ship after the recent battle with the Resistance

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KYLO had received scratches on his knuckles from punching them into the board of his ship after the recent battle with the Resistance. He was so close – so very close – to doing what should've been done months ago. All he had to do was press a button. That's all he had to do to eliminate the Raddus himself, but he hesitated. He took too long, and this allowed his wingman, Lieutenant Poldin LeHuse, to carry on the attack. The hangar of the ship was destroyed, while their bridge was exposed to deep space. They killed most of the Resistance High Command, including his mother. Kylo decided not to think about that part.

As he sat in the medical wing, yet again, he felt the wheels in his head turn. A med droid in front of him bandaged his knuckles, but he was distracted. He felt the Force weave itself within him, strengthening a tie between him and someone else. That was when he saw her – the scavenger. She was standing in front of him, nothing else behind her and blinking at the sight of him.

Out of nowhere, she fired a blaster at him, which hit him right in the gut. Although, nothing actually punctured his skin. Kylo still groaned in pain for a mere moment, before looking back at Rey again. Shock was plastered on both their faces. He watched her stand, causing him to do the same. His brow knit together as he quickly walked out of his patient room and into the clean, white hallways of the medical unit.

Rey was like a sheer ghost in front of him, and though no one else saw her, he saw her. She was right there, before his eyes, unmoving. Kylo threw out his hand, demanding, "You will bring Luke Skywalker to me."

Before the scavenger could even speak, she vanished. Kylo walked forward, trying to search for Rey, but she was completely gone. He asked himself if he was truly going mad as he wandered back to his patient room, where the med droid patiently waited for his return. Kylo sat back in the cushioned chair provided by him. He flexed one of his hands, wincing at the sudden pain.

Kylo's mind was pulsating again. Another connection resurfaced, and he was sure that he felt it this time. His head whipped to the side, expecting to see Rey standing before him again, but he saw nothing. An ache formed in his temples, causing Kylo to squeeze his eyes shut. What was happening to him? He wondered desperately if this "heart condition" was more than they thought.

All he saw when he shut his eyes was her blood on his hands. The memories came in flashes, blurring all into one. He felt his hand twisting a light saber into Raena's gut. The stickiness of her blood was unforgettable as it tainted his hands. He remembered her mouth falling open at the pain he was physically causing her. The tear that slid down her cheek was burned into his brain, but he still told her, "I win." He felt the thud reach his feet again, and he saw her body laying in front of his black boots. Spots of her blood stained the dark leather. He had never been able to get them out.

His mind twisted yet again. He saw Raena again, but this time ... she was alive. Well, just barely. She lay in a cot, and it definitely looked like she was in the medical unit of his ship. The white painted walls and sterile machines were too familiar to Kylo. Half of her skin was burnt, but as Kylo rubbed at his pained temples, his brain allowed him to see her skin healing itself.

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