Chapter 19

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- Amy's POV Continued-

"I should have listened" Nash says, his head in his hands "She told me she was worried but I changed the subject"
"Nash bro, it's not your fault" cameron says pulling him close "It's no one's fault"

"Where the fuck is this ambulance?" Shawn curses. It's the first time he's spoken when I've been around him since we got here. Something about him when he swears is just so.. Hot. Amy, you whore, don't say that. You like Matt, you don't love him but you do like him. Don't you?

My thoughts are interrupted by a whirl of sirens and flashing lights. The paramedics whisk her away into the van. Only 2 people are allowed to go with her so Taylor and I follow into the back of the ambulance. As if I haven't spent enough time in hospital.

Taylor and I don't say a word to each other on the journey. I don't even know which hospital we ended up in. Like I said, I don't know this town at all. I know to and from the beach and that's about it. GPS actually got me here in the first place- that and a ride with Nash, Cam and Hayes.

I wait outside for the boys whilst Taylor follows Sky inside. I really hope she's going to be okay. I know I've been a horrible best friend but I promise, when she's out of there I will definitely never do anything to hurt her again.

I promise.

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