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--Five Months Later: December 24th--

Eva flipped the switch on the oven when she heard a knock on the door. She wiped the trace of flour off her skirt and made her way to the entrance. The frown she had been sporting faded slightly when she found the two smiling children on her doorstep.

"Hi Eva, can we play with Ares?" May asked with a smile, showing off the large gap in her front teeth.

"Sure you can, just don't go too far" Eva replied and turned. "Ares!" she called out, attracting the attention of the hyperactive dog. He ran to the door and sped up when he spotted his small human friends.

Eva laughed when he licked the face of the boy and ran outside. The two children ran after him in a mess of laughter and cheers.

Eva closed the door and walked back to the kitchen. Her happiness faded and her earlier mood returned. She slipped on the bright orange mitts she left on the counter and opened the oven to retrieve the tray of cookies that had been baking inside.

She sighed loudly when she heard the front door open. Adrian had arrived.

Adrian followed the sound of metal clanking. He was led into the kitchen where he found Eva barefoot and eating a cookie. Her hair and her grey sweater dress were both lightly dusted with flour.

"Hey babe," he greeted with a smile. It became clear that something was wrong when she simply looked in his direction and then back at the tray of cookies. Her face didn't brighten like it usually did when she spotted him and she made no move to hug or kiss him.

Adrian walked into the kitchen, dropping his laptop off on a nearby table. They rarely got into serious arguments. Adrian did nearly anything she asked just to keep her happy. Her being upset or angry at him were a rare occurrence.

He hugged her from behind and felt her move away from his chest and press herself into the counter. "What's wrong?" he questioned.

When he left for work that morning, he kissed her and told her he loved her like he always did and she returned her affection.

Their relationship was healthy and their bond was strong. They had been teasing, loving, bullying, laughing, and making love non-stop for the past six months. Adrian was completely enthralled by her beautiful brown hair and eyes, soft warm body, and that cutthroat personality that both turned him on and made him want to rip his hair out.

"What's today's date?" she asked him, trying to not get distracted by the hard muscles that surrounded her.

"December 24th" he replied and moved his face closer to her neck.

"And what happened 29 years ago on December 24th?" she asked, making Adrian's eyes sparkle with recognition.

"I was born... it's my birthday and you're upset that I didn't tell you," he finally connected.

"Yes. So why didn't you tell me?" she asked and tried to build the strength to push him away to escape his grasp and lips which he was now pressing into her exposed collarbone. She failed and closed her eyes, enjoying the sparks that buzzed her flesh.

"I'm sorry, I just don't really celebrate my birthday. It slipped my mind. I'll make it up to you." He murmured huskily, knowing exactly what that tone did to her body and trying to use it to his advantage.

"Let go," she ordered firmly but made no move to push him away.

Adrian ignored her command and trailed a hand up her waist and to her chest.

(A/N> WARNING: Sexual content below. Feel free to skip to "**," where the content ends.)

He squeezed her right breast and Eva moaned in defeat.

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