Chapter 20

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Making their way back toward the house, Aylin breathed a sigh of relief knowing Ezekiel was understanding about her past. It was a secret not easily kept. Everyday she held it in, the more guilty she felt. Amazingly, Ezekiel still wanted her, despite it all. That gave her comfort. 

Reaching the back door to the house, the glass was still cracked from that day. Remembering it made her shudder. 

"What happened here?" Ezekiel asked, observing the door. 

"I did that," she answered. 

Before he could say anything else, Quill opened the door. "Looks like someone trashed the house." 

"What?!" Aylin screamed. 

Bolting past him, the entire living room was destroyed. Feathers from the couch all over, pictures shattered, lamps broken. The oven looked like it was kicked it, the microwave was thrown across the room, and the dining room table was split down the middle. Everything was destroyed. Pure rage emanated from the room. 

Panic set in, and she darted up the stairs going to her room. Whipping the door open, nothing was disturbed. Peering at the bed, there was a stain on the pillow. Not one that was there when she left. Her bed looked slightly slept in. 

"Who the hell would do this?" Ezekiel asked. 

"I don't know," she whispered. 

"Whomever it was, had no interest in coming up here. Maybe it was someone from the pack-" the king said.

"But why trash the downstairs, and not up here?" Quill remarked. 

"Oh god." More panic set in for Aylin, wondering if her parents room had been touched. Throwing the door open, nothing was touched there either. The layer of dust from before was thicker, more stifling, with the drab shades drawn to prevent light from coming in. That was the one room in the house that wasn't touched. After the attack, Aylin couldn't bring herself to go in there, lest memories flood her mind. Whipping the door closed, she breathed out in relief. 

Pausing, the two men stood staring at her in disbelief. "What room is that?" Quill asked. 

"My parents room. I hadn't gone in there since the attack. Please don't go in there." squeezing between the large men, she made her way back downstairs. 

Angus, and the other warriors were looking around for evidence of who would have trashed her home. "So far, nothing, Majesty." 

Sniffing the air, Aylin caught a scent. Making her way towards the broken dining room table, there was a tuft of black hair, with traces of blood on it. Shaking her head, Aylin knew exactly who's hair it was. "Shit," she muttered. 

"What is it?" the king asked, inquisitively. 

"I recognize this hair." Taking a deep breath, she knew the next words out of her mouth would be dangerous. "It belongs to Daemon." 

Ezekiel immediately reacted; eyes shifting to black, his chest heaving with fury. "He fucking rejected you, and then trashed your house. I'm going to kill him!!" 

Quill stood in the King's way, blocking his exit from the dining room. "This is not the answer." 

"Get out of my way," he growled. 

Aylin did the only thing she could think of. Darting in front of Quill, she put her hands on his chest. "He's right, Zeke. It's in the past." 

His brows knitted together, and he whipped around smashing the table further. Roaring, he continued to demolish the already demolished table. Quill pushed Aylin behind to avoid her being hurt. Seeing Ezekiel react the way he did tore her apart. Pushing past him, she wrapped her arms around him as much as she could, pressing her forehead to his back. 

Relaxing a little, the muscles in his were still tense. His bloody fists were resting on the broken object in front of him. "Fine. I won't do anything. Let's take care of business, and be done here." 

"I'll get in touch with Morris, and let him know-"

"I'll go," Aylin offered. Removing herself from her mate, she turned to face the Beta, and Delta. "I'll tell Daemon that Ezekiel will resume the meeting tomorrow." 

"No!" Ezekiel bellowed, facing his mate. "I don't want you anywhere near him." 

"In your state, you'll kill him. We just need information, then we can leave, and never come back." Seeing his angry eyes, and heaving chest, Aylin knew she had to propose something he would agree with. "I'll take Quill with me. No one will dare touch me, I'm the future queen to the Rogue King." 

Looking to his brother, he took a deep breath, facing his little mate again. "Fine. Quill, do not leave her side, under any circumstances. If Morris even looks at her funny, I want to know about it." 


Trailing her fingers along his pecs, she smiled up at him. "I won't be long, I promise." 

Dipping down, he passionately kissed her, unwilling to let her go. They fought for the dominance in their kiss; Ezekiel won, picking her up, pulling on her hair slightly. Stopping, they both caught their breath. "Be back in thirty minutes. Not a minute more, or I will destroy that pack house." 

Pecking him one last time on the lips, she slid off him. "Thirty minutes," she assured.

Taking the SUV back to the pack house, tension was brimming between the two passengers. Quill was so focused on the road, his knuckles white. Aylin did her best to ignore the mounting tension, but it was eating away at her. 

"Is there something you want to say, Quill?"

"I'm...I don't know. I'm feeling just as angry as Ezekiel right now."

"Why though?" Relaxing his shoulders some, he loosened his grip on the steering wheel. "You have no reason to be angry." 

"You're my future Queen and Luna, and my brothers mate. Yes, I do. A disrespect toward you hits me as hard as it does Zeke." 

"I'm going to say the same thing to you as I said to Zeke; it's in the past now. You, and Zeke, even that asshole Angus are my pack now." Smiling over to him, Quill met her eyes, and he returned the smile. 

Pulling up to the pack house, Quill got out, jogging around to the other side opening the door for Aylin. Keeping her chin up, the two walked back toward the house. Unlike other times in her life, she was ready to face her former mate. She didn't need him anymore, because she had something that was twice as better. Now she had to hold her head up with confidence and speak her words with the determination of a Luna, and Queen.

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