Chapter 3 [EDITED]

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  This is dedicated to @RebekahLynda for supporting my story and for mentioning all my mistakes so I could fix them!!!  The song on the side is Chaoz Fantasy, the song for Blingee!!! Enjoy Chapter 3!

Part One: Training to Become a Master

Chapter 3

   I ignored the terrible thought for now, and focused on getting to the cafeteria. Suddenly, I felt slight touches on my head. I tried looking up and it was my sister bouncing on my head. I frowned, and just kept walking, but then the bouncing was getting annoying.

   "Sis, stop bouncing on my head! Can't you just float already!?" I tried swatting my sister away from my head, but it didn't work. She dodged by floating high, and then dropping back down. I sighed, and realized I just had to deal with the jumping on my head. I looked to my right, and saw a wooden sign that said, Cafeteria ->. I turned and kept fast-walking, and I finally arrived. There was a line, and I assumed that it was the line for food. I wonder what food we would be eating. Probably sushi or something since this is like a ninja school. I peeked from the line to see what they were serving, and I had a puzzled look on my face. They were serving this different sort of food. I don't even think it's food!!! There were flames that were serving the food, and on one giant plate was this strange creature. The creature was like ghostly, and it was somewhat like a ram. It had this smooth texture to it, meaning it didn't have any fur. The horns were sharp and very long and curly so it somewhat looked like @ but they were longer. And at the end of the tail, there was also a curling horn. I don’t think it’s edible… The flames were slicing the creature up into giant chunks and placed them on white plates. Then, the ghosts would just take a plate. In what seemed like ages, it was finally my turn to get a plate.

   “Um, what is this?” I asked softly. The flame looked at me like I was crazy, and finally answered in a deep voice.


    Ruama. What an unusual name. I hesitated to take a plate, since it looked more like poisonous food.

   “Grab a plate and leave. You are holding up the line,” the flame growled at me. I shakily nodded, and slowly took a plate. Right next to the plates, were some bottles of liquid, so I swiped a random one. Blingee did the same, and bounced on my head again. The plate and bottle was heavy enough, so my sis was no help, because she just added more weight. I scanned the cafeteria for seats, and saw one I could sit at with my sis. I started trudging to the table, and sat down. At the table I was sitting at, there were two ghosts, and I hope they wouldn’t mind me sitting here.  One was I'm guessing a fire ghost, since she was a flame bird. And the other ghost was also a fire ghost. She was a fire wolf. They both just stared at me and Blingee as we sat down. Blingee finally sat down on a different seat. At least it wasn't my head...

   "Hey. I'm new here. So, friends?" I asked hopefully. I didn't want to be alone in this school with no one as my friend... I'm guessing Blingee thought the same.

   "Yea. Wouldn't you want to be friends with us? You could also help us around since we're new." No one responded, until the flame bird did.

   "Sure, why not? Well, anyways, I'm Firework. And what are your names?" The fire wolf introduced herself as well.

   "And I agree with Firework. We should all be friends! Well, I'm Burn! You?"

   "Hey. I'm Aqua and this is my sis-"

   "Blingee. Nice to meet you!"

   "Okay, well, we should start eating-" I interrupted Burn.

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