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Paige's Pov

*beep* *beep**beep*
i was awaken by the sound of my alarm clock going off. I turned my head and read 6:00. I groaned and rolled out of bed to get ready for school. I walked to my closet, I pulled out a pair or light washed jeans, my red lifeguard hoodie, and of course my red vans. I grabbed my curling iron and ran to the bathroom to get there before Taylor, and i made it just in time.

"Ugh come on Paige! " Taylor yelled as i closed and locked the bathroom door.

"Sorry Tay. Im a girl i need more time to get ready" i yelled back. I heard a muffled 'whatever' behind the door and plugged in my curling iron and grabbed my makeup bag from the drawer. I separated my hair into sections and began to curl my long brown hair which was the same as Taylors. We actually ressemble each other alot. We both had brown hair, tan skin, and almost the same facial features except my nose was much smaller and i had green eyes. After i finished my makeup i walked to my room to grab my bag. I heard Taylor go into the bathroom as i went down stairs to get breakfast. My parents were away on business, as usual, so it was just me and Tay most of the time. He always has parties, but i usually just lock my bedroom door and read while all that crap is happening. I dont really like hanging with Taylor's friends considering they make fun of me when he isnt around.

I decided to watch Tv in the living room until he was done getting ready. We usually walk to school together then go our seperate ways until we are allowed to go into school.

When we reached the school Tay left to go to his group of friends and instantly a group of three girls walked over to him and were all over him. I rolled my eyes and walked over to my two bestfriends, Ainsley and Lucus. They ran up to me with their eyes bigger than normal.

"Hey Paige, um I know you wont want to hear this but.. people are starting to say stuff again.." Ainsley said while looking around. She looked at me with her blue eyes giving me an ' im so sorry' look. i nodded my head then Lucus spoke up.

"Its just the normal stupid stuff. Apparently Nick started saying that you got drunk and he and you had sex" Nick was the typical popular kid. He was on the football team and probably had more than 20 girls in love with him, he was rich, and also well known for his parties and getting girls drunk.

Great. Everyone has a new rumor to feed off of, and i know things are gonna get worse very soon.
I looked at both of them and nodded my head then started walking to my locker, looking at the floor the whole way there. I hear people talking and snickering
' Whore '
'ew look its her' ' i heard she has herpes' 'slut' 'DIE'

The last one stuck in my head all day. DIE. People really wanted me dead.

The whole day went by like a blur. Taylor heard about the rumors but shrugged them off as no big deal, not realized how much it hurt me. The day consisted of me crying in the bathroom, Ainsley and Lucus trying to cheer me up, getting called names, and putting on a fake smile when i saw Taylor.


The bell rang singnaling the end of school. Kids filed out of class and out the doors onto the streets. I met Lucus by my locker like normal and began to pack up.

"So how was today" he asked. Lucus was so sweet. He was always there for me no matter what. He really is my best friend. but god Lucus! What kind of question is that.

"How do you think" i replied while chucking to myself. He gave me a little smile but in his eyes i could see simpathy.

We walked out of school talking about stupid stuff when we heard someone yell.
"WHOOORE" someone yelled behind us. Lucus turned around and looked at the guy who said that.
" How about you shut the hell up and mine your own god damn business!!" he glared at the guy then grabbed my wrist and we took a turn that led to a small park. We cut through it and finally reached my house we said our goodbyes and hugged eachother then i walked into my house.

When i entered i saw two of Taylor's friends at the breakfast bar. They turned to look at me and smirks appeared on their faces.
" Well well well. Look what we have here. Little miss 'i slept with half the school" the one said in a mocking tone. They both turned back to what they were doing and laughed to themselves.

I ran to the bathroom and opened it just as Taylor stepped out. I pushed him lightly out of the way and he gave me a look then went downstairs to his asshole friends.

I locked the door and slid down to the floor. Tears bursting from my eyes i pull out my razor from my makeup back. I slid it across my arm at least 12 times before i stopped and continued crying into my knees.

Then all of a sudden.
* Bzzz* *Bzzz*
my phone went off

Tay-Tay: Come down here. We need to talk.

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