Chapter 12: Short Fuses

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After the threesome with Natalia and the brunette, Enzo had gone for a shower.

The sex and the new meds had helped reduce the pain in his shoulder back down to something more tolerable. He'd just been zipping up his black jumpsuit when the power had died. By the time he'd grabbed a pistol and gotten back out to the command center, his techs were bringing the secondary generator online.

"What happened?" he asked. "Did any of the specimens get out?"

"No, they're still secured," one of the techs replied. "We've had an intruder."

"Who? Where?"

"We're still trying to determine that."

"Well hurry it up!" Enzo snapped.

So much for his shoulder feeling better for very long. Whatever good mood he'd been building up was wiped away in an instant. Being in pain put him in a bad mood and being in a bad mood made him feel pain.

It was a vicious cycle.

He began pacing, checking in with the various techs. Five minutes passed before one of them finally had something.

"Sir, you'd better get a look at this," one of them said.

Enzo about-faced and stalked over to the console. He was about to ask what when he saw what was on the screen. He froze. An exterior camera showed three suited figures on approach. They were wearing unfamiliar, blue-gray armor. But there were just three of them. "Zoom in," he said quietly, and the tech did.

"Greg," he whispered. The first face he noticed among the trio was Greg's. But then he saw the others. Drake was there, and...


Eve was with them.

She looked different and either that suit was really beefing up her proportions or she was a hell of a lot taller than she once had been. Before he'd left, hadn't he remembered hearing her saying something about hormone supplements? Wanting to be taller, like Allan's girlfriend? He couldn't remember but obviously that's what had happened.

They were here, now, with one obvious goal in mind.

Enzo brought a hand to his ear. "Frost, where are you?" He sensed someone approaching him.

"In your private infirmary. What the fuck's going on?"

"Get out into the command center now, I need you."

"Did I hear you right?" said a voice from behind him, Matheson. Enzo turned to face him. "You said Greg, right? As in, Greg Bishop? I've read a lot about him."

A door opened and Frost stalked out.

"What about Greg?" Enzo asked as Frost joined them.

"Greg Bishop. He's a walking cure for the Necro Virus, I've read. At least, that's what I heard based on the files you stole from the Atonement before it was destroyed," Matheson replied. "I could use him. Having him would aid greatly in my research."

"Orders?" Frost asked.

Enzo frowned, considering it. He still held no ill will towards his former allies. He was glad Allan wasn't among them. Despite how he may feel about them, he knew how they felt about him. Unfortunately, the only real outcome he could expect from a personal encounter with any of them was that one of them would wind up dead.

"Bring me him," Enzo replied, pointing at Greg.

"And the others?" Frost asked.

"...kill them."

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