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This was requested by MeritxellVallriberaE. Hope you enjoy!

*Your P.O.V* (You are in a dark guild to start).

          Darkness fell,"Finally, time to move," my thoughts all stopped as I charge towards the large building that layed silent infront of me. The rest of the Phantom Lord guild following in suit. After what happened to master Jose and the betrayal of Gajeel and Juvia. We are done with being tossed around by these Fairy scums. Not many of the fairies would be at the guild this late, so it's the perfect time to attack. I'm an S-class wizard and no one can beat my (m/t)(Magic type) magic. 

          With Aria, Sol, Totomaur, and, of course, myself, we made up the new and improved Elite Four. We did not want to be called Element Four because we don't want to have to remember those weak losers who joined the fairies, but even these three are starting to go weak. They question the guild and if they should really be in it. The new guild master goes by the name of (f/b/n)(Favorite boy name). He's leading the way into Fairy Tail and there were a few guild mates in between where he was and where I was.

          He burst threw the doors,"Attack!" Everyone in the guild yelled as they charged towards different members of the guild. I stayed quiet hitting my targets with precision and accuracy before they even had a chance to react they were down. After I finished of 8 of them I looked towards the back of the guild and saw 8 people and a blue cat. I recognized all, but one. Makarov, Ezra, Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Happy the cat and worse of all, Gajeel and Juvia. The last one I didn't know they name of, but I've seen her before.

          "You my be stupid for wishing to attack our guild a second time," Erza was the first to speak up. Her eyes were on me, but her voice was directed to everyone. The sharpness and low tone of her voice made everyone stop their fighting and shiver. She really lived up to her name.. Queen of the Fairies. 

          "Nah! Come on. It'll be fun bashing their heads in for a second time! Especially since we know all, but two of them, we will be able to defeat them easily!," the Natsu boy was way to cocky. In the blink of an eye all eight of them charged. Happy was with Natsu charging at Totomaru. Erza went for Aria, Makarov went for (f/b/n), Lucy went for Sue, Gray went for Boze, Gajeel went for Sol, and Juvia went to help the other Fairy Tail members. 

          The last one standing up front was the one person I didn't know. Her long white hair fell over her shoulders and her blue eyes were filled with anger. I remember the last time I saw her the only emotion she had in her eyes was fear. What's changed that she can show anger now? Her eyes were focused on me and just as I was about to launch myself at her, I was thrown off me feet and flung out of the guild hall. 

          I looked up meeting a different pair of eyes. Her eyes were still blue, but her pupils were now small little dots in the ocean of her eyes. Her white hair that was once falling over her shoulders was now in the air as if she we being pulled by the skies and her outfit was incredibly showy(If you don't know what she looks like there is a picture above). What happened to her? She seemed so nice a moment ago. Now she has so much magic in her.. WHAT HAPPENED?!! 

          I tried to fight her off the best I could, but she was so strong,"RETREAT!," why is the guild master retreating?! We still have a chance.

          "We still have a chance..," my voice came out in a whisper as my head fell and a single tear dropped. The guild members ran past me, leaving me on my knees infront of the Fairy Tail guild. My head snapped up as I heard the clinking of medal.. the rune knights. That's why they all ran. Makarov stepped next to my opponent along with Gajeel and Juvia. 

          As the knights got closer and were about to place me under arrest Makarov spoke up,"There's no need to arrest her. We'll make sure she get taken care of, isn't that right Mira?" I along with all of the knights were shocked. The girl I was fighting changed back into her sweet looking self and smiled nodding. So, her name is Mira. 

          The knights let me go and I could help, but true towards the fairies,"Why would you do that? I attacked your guild". 

          Juvia smiled at me,"So did we," she motioned to herself and Gajeel,"Fairy Tail is different. They accepted us for who we are and took us in. We were able to learn what it means for to care about someone. If Gajeel can learn, you can too, (Y/n)". Gajeel gave me his toothy grin and for once.. I could tell he was actually happy.

          Makarov spoke up again,"Why don't you stay with Mira for tonight and we will get you set up in Fairy Tail tomorrow". I nodded and let Mira lead me to Fairy Tail hills, to her apartment. 

*Time skip*

*Mira's P.O.V.* 

          (Y/n) is currently taking a bath. I have to admit she was a strong fighter and had strong magic, but with her heart only looking for revenge she wasn't as strong as she could have been. She was definitely good enough to be and S-class wizard right off the bat, though, but she has to work to obtain that position. 

          "Sorry that I took so long," her voice broke through my thoughts.

          I shake my head at her,"You didn't take long at all. You can make yourself comfortable on my bed. I'll sleep out here tonight". She was about to protest when I cut her off,"I'm fine with saying out here". 

          She waited for a moment before speaking,"Why don't we just sleep in the same bed?" 

          I was shocked that she was suggesting this,"Are you sure?" She nodded and led the way to my room. I sat on the bed beside her feeling quite uncomfortable and I could tell she was as well, causing me to speak up,"I'm fine with sleeping on the couch, really".

          She shook her had again and revealed to me we she was so nervous as she placed a small kiss on my lips. She ran out of the room and out of the apartment before I could even say a word.

I know that this chapter went kind of fast, but I hope you still like it. If you would like a part two leave a comment or I will leave it as it is.

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