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"Come on," He hushed. "Just one kiss." He probed on and on.

"No," I whined like a cat and wriggled free from his hold.

He got up with a huff and stared me down but I didn't show weakness despite him being drop dead handsome.

He had been teasing me for the past few days, asking for just one tongue teasing and when I had first refused, he had lashed out at me, saying I was a stuck up bitch and a loner and inexperienced.

And even boring.

Was I wrong to have ignored him, seeing we were just friends and he brought girls home every week? We weren't even really friends.

"No." I shook my head. I wasn't in the wrong.

My heart didn't feel heavy when he left this time. I felt more confident and that was because I knew I deserved better than someone who would only fill him up whenever he decided to pay me a short visit at night.

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