good times

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Celestia was awoken by a wet cold sensation on her face she sleepily said "sweet pea stop it" she opened her eyes she was met by the different coloured eyed dog "thank god its Saturday" her mother was walking past as she said it and asked "what was that honey" as she put the folded laundry in the cupboard"nothing i was just saying thank god its saturday i can't deal with how boring school is" the older woman raised and eyebrow

"its not like you was there much this week anyway which leads me on to where have you been staying this past week i know you said the trailer but i know when your lying because you try to change the subject and you smirking so where have you been staying" her mother was right she couldn't keep anything from her the girl was to transparent for her "ok if i tell you ,you can't get mad at me " the mothers smile dropped"no promises " the girl continued " well i've actually been seeing someone for a little over a year and a half now and i've been staying at his trailer " the mother was surprised " a year how have you kept him so secret and may i ask where is he from?" "umm he's been sneaking in and out of the window and that's the thing mom he's from the south side and he's a serpent " the older walker's jaw dropped "is this why you you joined the serpents?" "no no no well partly but the main reason is so i can get closer to dad oh my god i forgot to tell you dad got out of jail the other day and he's working at pops can we go see him "the women smiled "wait he got out that's great news yeh sure lets go get pops for breakfast get ready and i'll meet you downstairs in ten " the woman walked out the room and down the stairs the girl jumped up and ran to her closet and chose what she was going to wear she went for a simple hoodie and her signature black jeans with her hair hanging down her shoulders she brushed her teeth then ran down the stairs putting on her shoes and saying "come on then i'll drive her mother followed after her she jumped in her newly sprayed car and drove to pops

they found themselves a booth and waited to be served a few minutes after Fp walked over with his apron tied around him "hi what can i get you " he noticed who it was "oh hey Celestia ,"he just nodded and said "luna " he smirked she replied " no one calls me that but hello Fp how have you been these day?" yeh i've been good so what can i get you two lovely ladies " the older woman blushed a little "i'll have a coffee and some pancakes and you Celestia ?" the girl was distracted by her phone "oh i'll have a burger and fries and a double chocolate milkshake please" her dad laughs "ok i'll go get that for you now " the girl looks over at her mother "so luna you got some history with mr Fp jones over there " she winks " Celestia he's your father of course we're going to have history don't ask such stupid questions " the two both burst out laughing when Fp walked to the table "what's so funny?" he questioned "oh our daughter just asked me if we had history together" he raised his eyebrow"your a strange kid yano that i don't know who you get it from " he walked away laughing to himself Celestia turned her attention back to her mum "so are you coming to dad's retirement party" "when is it ?" "its tonight so i really need to go help jughead"

the girl got up and walked away to the booth in the corner where he was as usual he looked up "so you sorted the party out or do you need some help " "yeh we got it sorted betty went to the bar and sorted it with toni" she glared at him "why didn't you ask me to go " " sorry i thought you were to caught up in your troubles " "well you still could of asked me jug, anyway have you asked dad if he'll come " he nodded "yeh he said he would for old time sake " she squealed happily "i can't wait i guess i'll see you later then its at 8 right?" he nodded "See you there " she got up yet again and sat back in the booth she was previously in "i sorted everything so yeh its at 8" her mother said "i'll see what i can do see if see i can find my serpent jacket "


it was a little while before the party and Celestia was getting ready for the party she had a half white half black dress on with her hair down as always with some black heels next she was on to her make up she went with red and smokey looking eyes she slid all of her rings and bracelets on the finishing touch was her serpent jacket she slipped it on and she was ready she made her way to the door knowing her mother was getting there herself she said goodbye to fang and got in her now matte black car and drove to the wyrm

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