I had a feeling

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I had a feeling,
Of empty happiness inside.
Reading,the books I enjoyed to find.
I had a feeling,
Of hollow sorrow all over,
Which could not be denied.

I looked up to the stars,
To find answers long past.
Now that I have come this far,
I don't know where to start.

I am lost in this vast world,
Without a candle,
To guide me through the dark.

No light remains,
All seems vain.
I had a feeling,
Of hollow sorrow.
Which has come to pass.

So in a dark world I stay,
Hoping for a light to shine.
Lost in which direction,
I have come to mind.

The purpose seems so vain.
The truth of life,
Seems like a shame.

I am lost,
And I am about to fall,
In the deep underworld.

Guide my soul,
Guide my heart,
Guide me wherever you want.

I am lost,
In this vast world of wonders,
Dark it seems,
All over here,
I can't even see the trees.

Hold me close,
Guide me home.
If there is one,
Where I belong.

The Dead Revolutionary

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