Chapter 11

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Daddy, Daughter Fight

A/N: This chapter may seem a little intense. I've been having a bit of a writer's block lately so I'm sorry if this chapter isn't so good. Thanks for sticking with me and reading 'The Spy's Bad Boy'. Enjoy!!!

Lilly's POV:

       I was frozen in my hiding spot. My heart was shattered into a million peices. How could someone I have known my whole life want to kill me? I felt a tear fall from my face and I quickly wiped it away. I have to stay strong or my father will never get better.

       I had my crossbow searching the room. It quickly turned and focused on the back window as enemy agents broke the glass and swarm in. Only six of them were here which ment my dad was saving his arrival intil the end. I noticed that the others came out of hiding and started throwing fists. I jumped out and slung my crossbow behind my back.

           My opponent was a tall, skinny dude with very little muscle but he was quick. He swung a hook punch to my face. I ducked right in the knick of time. I was back up and I blocked another one of his punches and threw him in a highly advanced judo throw which left him with no air in his lungs. He quickly stumbled to his feet and I gabbed him quick in the stomach while he was off guard. He kicked me in the back of my leg causing me to bend down to one knee. I threw my foot out and tripped him. when he was on his stomach, I mounted his back and pulled him into an armlock. I tied him up against a pole. I figured I could get answers out of him later.

         I looked around to see lots of agents tumbling around on the floor. I felt a hand grab my ankle and I turned around and punched them in the face. "Thanks." Kaitie said out of breathe. She must have been having a hard time with that guy. He was pretty muscular in her defence. "No problem." I said kicking the guy who was mounting John square in the shoulder so hard I think I dislocated it. John punched the guy, mounted him and beat the living crap out of him.

       I'm kinda surprised. These agents weren't giving us much of a fight. I looked over at Jake and Christina to see them still fighting some bulky spies. They didn't look so good. I motioned for Kaitie and Chris to tie up the other agents and John and I went to help Jake and Christina.

        I went to where Christina was trying to pull a choke on this guy but he was too big. It would never work. I snuck up behind the guy and kicked him right in a place guys should not be kicked. Christina took advantage of his momentary weakness and punched his head into a window.

        Me and Christina high fived and than our eyes opened in fright as the agent who was fighting Jake had a gun pointed at his head. John was unconscious on the floor. If he was going to play with weapons, I was too. While he wasn't looking, I pulled out my crossbow, aimed, and shot. The guy fell immediately in pain. I shot him again and he screamed. I have to say my aim was on point. I shot him in the knee and in the opposite shoulder. Chris tied him up with the others.

        I ran to Jake examining him, making sure he wasn't hurt and then I kissed him slow on the lips. I felt him smile while he kissed me back. "Don't ever scare me like that again." I said while looking into his eyes. "I'm sorry. Nice aim by the way." he smirked. I giggled as I kissed him compassionately once more. I pulled away realizing John was probably still unconscious. 

         I walked over to where Kaitie was trying to wake him up. She slapped him in the face really hard before we all heard a moan from him. I let out a large breath in releif. Kaitie kissed him and then he was fully awake. They probably kissed for the next 20 seconds before I turned away.

        I started to walk away when I heard a slow clap coming from the front door. "Bravo. Bravo. A bunch of teenagers did this much damage?" it was then that I realized it wasn't over yet. My father walked into the room all cocky and arrogant. "Why so surprised? I am your daughter after all." I said with a rush of emotions but the strongest emotion showing now was courage. "I'm not surprised. I came to complete a mission and I will do just that." he said staring at me intently. "No, you won't. I will not let you lay a finger on her." I heard from my protective boyfriend stepping up next to me. Then everyone stepped up next to me as if forming a protection bubble. Wow, this feel a little too much like a movie."I have a little surprise for you, Lilly. I don't think uou are going to like it." I cannot believe what I see. How dare he? He will never get away with this. My mother was right he is a different man and I want nothing to do with him. I don't care what happens to him anymore. I just want him to stop this, brainwashed or not.


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