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Author P.O.V

Y/N is hanging out around happily with other teens her age. Y/N is a girl with a really bright personality. She attends the academy for people with gifted ability like her.

In their world, there are people known as Adaptor. Adaptor have the ability to control elements: water, wind, fire, light, dark and none. Y/N is one of them. But she's different from them. If Adapters can only control one elements, Y/N can control all of them. But she uses water most, she can also control them without the need of Driver. But she keep one, for her water elements. People didn't know that she's able to control all elements and she planned to keep it that way, the only ones knew about this are her parents. She keeps it a secret because she doesn't one to be overestimate, she wants to be seen as an equal by her friends.

As they walk around. Y/N suddenly stops. "Y/N-Chan? Why'd you stop?" Midori one of her friends, asks. "I just remember my parents wants me to be home early, they say they needed to tell me something important. So I don't wanna be late. I have to go... Bye!!" She waved and turn around.

After a while she finally reached her home. She opens the door "mama! Papa! I'm home" she yelled. But was greeted with silence. "Mama? Papa?" She call out.

She enters the living room and her eyes widened at the sight in front of her. There's a guy holding her Mom by the throat. "Let my Mom go!" Y/N yells. The guy turn to face her and let her Mom go. "No... Y/N. Run!! Go and find your Father!" Her Mom desperately try to tell Y/N to run... To forget about her.... To get to safety.

The guy turns his attention to Y/N and walk towards her. Snapping out of her shock, she turns around and bolt out of the house.

When she gets to the shopping center, where her father works. She is greeted with another horrifying sight. 'What's going on here?' She thought to herself. Blood is splattered everywhere. A lot of people is dead.

She looks up and saw a guy with a hood covering most of his face. All she could see is a pair of bright blue eyes and a streak of blond hair. The guy charge at her with sword aiming directly towards her chest. She close her eyes tightly and waited for the impact. But she felt nothing. She opens her eyes to see someone is shielding her. Her eyes widened when she recognise who it was. "P-papa..." She said. Her dad turns around and collapse. She moves to cradle her Father and place his head on her lap. "Papa... H-Hang in there" she said. Her dad moves his hand and place it on her cheek, wiping away the tears that streams down her eyes. "Sweetie... Don't cry, you have to move on..." Her Father start coughing out blood. "Papa!" She yelled out of panic. "Shh... Listen to me Y/N... You have to train hard and get stronger... You are the key..." He said, but he didn't get to finish his sentence as the life has drifted out of his body.

Y/N starts shaking her Father. "Papa! Wake up! Don't leave me too, mama is gone, not you too" Y/N cried out. But her Father is already gone. She screams and place her head on her Father's chest.

"Hm... How shame" someone said above her. She looks up and jump at the closeness of the guy. She can clearly see his face.

Her face turns from sadness into anger. "You killed my Father!" She screams. She gets up and took out her driver, forming a sword. "I'll make you pay for this!" She screams and charge at the guy. She's a new student in the academy, so her skill is still weak.

After a while of fighting, she collapse from exhaustion. The guy smirk "I'm not gonna kill you, you're not worth my strength" he said. Then he turns around and leave.

Y/N collapse and everything around her is blurry. The last thing she remembers is someone running towards her. "We have a survivor!" The person yelled as he/she place a finger on her neck to check her pulse. Then everything turns black.


She woke up in a hospital. She try to sit up, but wince at the pain on her body. She close her eyes tightly and wait for the pain to subside.

"Y/N... You're awake!" Someone said. She turns her head to see two person, standing beside her hospital bed. "Akane... Midori..." She said. Y/N seems to be in daze, not remembering what happens. Then her eyes widened as reality came to her. She starts crying "my mom and dad is... Gone..." She cried. Midori gently hold her hand. "We know, Y/N... We're so sorry for your loss" Akane said. She sits up and hug her two friends, desperate for their comfort. Her friends hug her back and waited for her to calm down.

Two Weeks Later

There's a funeral 2 weeks later for Y/N's parents. Her friends is there for her. Midori is hugging her side, as Akane hold her hand. She is not crying, but her eyes held sadness in them.

After the funeral, her two friends walks her home. They don't want to leave her alone, afraid she would do something stupid.

When she gets to her home. She took out a key and enters her home. Her two friends following closely. Akane closes the door as Y/N and Midori made their way to the living room.

Y/N sat on the couch in the living room and rest her head on the cushion. Midori sits next to her. Akane soon joins them.

"My house feels so empty without my parents" she said, after a moment of silent. Her two friends gives her a sympathetic gaze. Then she smile "dad wants me to move on... So I will, I will be stronger just like how my dad last wish is" she said. She gives her friends a determine looks. Despite the pain she's feeling in her heart, she's still willing to go on.

I will be stronger... I will avenge my parents 

*to be continued*

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