The uplifted fruit of thy divine self

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The moon shines bright today,
But not as much as thine own radiance.
The moon shines bright today,
But not as much as the stars around,
That,I know now.

Thine self is a star from above,
Thine self I have fallen in love.
Thou can call me as selfish as a narcissist,
As I have plucked thee from heaven above.

If I compare thee with the perfect moon,
The moon falls short in mine eyes,
For thine beauty is not comparable by this feeble moon,
Or this outrageous sky.
For these things are only an illusion,
But I know thee,
Are a part of mine.

I love thee like Eros,
Deep as mare Nostrum.
I drown in thee love,
Deeper than all.
I drown in thee love,
And I don't want to hit the floor.

I love thee like Eros,
With the most pure part of my heart,
I love thee like Eros,
Love indefinable,
As the vast lands,
Of magna Europa.

I love thee like Eros,
Love that has filled,
Us with life.

I love thee much,
My love is comparable,
To Orpheus and his bride.

Tell me beloved,
Do thee feel the same?
Or is this love all,
But a one sided game.

Woe me for such a thought,
For how could I ever doubt thee love?
Forgive mine brain,
For it thinks too deep.
Forgive my soul,
For it always does nothing,
But wander near the steep.

The cliff I hang on to,
Has no location.
The goal I have caught,
Is not of this world.
But I shall hold on,
Even if everything else,
Falls apart.

Thy must be sick,
Of this tired soul.
Wandering in thy mist,
Thy must be sick,
Of this broken heart,
That comes to thee for repairs.

I know thee kind,
I know thee humble,
But maybe there is a limit,
To what thee can handle.

Maybe thee shall one day break,
And consider me thine nuisance.
For I bring thee troubles too often.
But forgive me,
As thine gracious self has always done.
And take me to thine warm arms again,
And call me thine love once more.

Uplift this soul again,
And bring forth the idols of gold,
For they shall worship thee instead.

Now all I need is a whisper of prayer,
And nothing but the stars to glare.
Tell thee this,
I have not yet lost hope,
Yes it's small,
Yes it's not as bright as it ever was,
But it's still there,
It shall always be.

Every since pandora opened the box,
From he,
It has stayed,
It shall always will,
Hope will never fade,
Like it always is.

The Dead Revolutionary

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