The Midnight Castle [Various]

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Vampire x Reader AU

Description: You were exploring the forest and stumble upon an ancient castle. It's night now and you have nowhere else to go, why not sleep in an abandoned castle?

Apologies for not updating yesterday. Slowly giving up on this book... I love it though but I don't about you though. Are my chapters too long?

Note: I'm no entirely sure how vampires and their magical abilities. However, it differs from each vampire. Also this chapter may not make sense.


The thunder rumbled again and a drop of rain fell on your cheek. You were tired from a day of hiking and had lost your group of friends. The sky was dark and you were lost, you had lost your items in the creek.

Pushing past a couple of branches and leaves, a huge ancient castle came into view. You gasped, vines crawling up tower, weaving in and out of the stones. The window was open (and so was that door). Walking up to the drawbridge that was half-open, you decided to risk it. Jumping you reached out to the drawbridge that was slightly ajar. It was on a forty five degree angle. Reaching out you jumped only to realise you wouldn't make it.

You fell into the water, screaming hysterically. Your clothes were soaking up the water, which didn't make things any better. Hoping there weren't any type of animals in the water. You certainly didn't want to become a snake's dinner tonight.

Screaming as you kicked the water, trying to get up. Only to stand up and realise the water was knee length. 'Wow, that was stupid I hope nobody saw.' In the top right castle in the turret, a male sat on the ledge snickering as he watched your attempts to enter the castle.

"K-Karma we shouldn't be laughing."

"Well, I find this amusing..."

"Shouldn't we scare her away from here? I mean if she finds one of us...."

"Nah, we haven't had a human here in a long time Nagisa. I'm just curious.."

Fumbling as you tried to ignore the drag of your wet clothes, you pushed the drawbridge down. Climbing up you slid through the entrance, the drawbridge quickly closed with a loud thud. The ground was cold and hard looking up there was a royal red carpet in the middle of the room, leading up to some big staircases. It reminded you like the movie Beauty and the Beasty you had seen

However, what intrigued was the state this castle was kept in. The outside seemed abandoned and untidy. The inside was clean, the ground was shiny as if somebody had recently moped the ground. 'Why would anybody live here, it's so lonely.' Walking upstairs, you held on the banister not trust your feet. Afraid of tripping over and falling, well down the stairs.

You had not forgotten your wet clothes as you looked back at the closed doors, a trail of wet water mixed with mud. You would apologize to the person who lived here. At the top of the stairs was a long hall way from your right to left. You looked to the right side, it was completely dark. Looking at the left side, at the end of the hallway was a little bit of light. You shivered as you walked to the left side, slowly walking.

"We must greet our guest," The male chuckled lightly.

"How do you know she'll come to this room?"

"Well, first stop being an idiot Terasaka. Humans are drawn to the light..."

"We aren't...." Terasaka replied.

"Of course we aren't you idiot!"

You heard a little bit of chattering from the room, creeping slowly you looked into the room. It was a library filled with books, the rows of shelves were high. You would need a long ladder to reach the top shelf. Amazed, you walked around checking each aisle. "Such a pretty place, it's been wasted..." You muttered.

You reached out for a book, dusting the cover. 'Legends of a Vampire.' Looking on the inside was intricate hand drawn images of what these creatures looked like. "I wish they were real..." You muttered.

"I do too..." A voice replied.

"W-Who's there...?" You stuttered looking around the library. Looking at the hole where the book was kept were two mercury eyes staring at you from the other aisle. You walked back, afraid and tripped over, the book slid away across the ground. Landing on the ground with an awkward squelching noise from the wet clothes.

"W-What do you want?"

"Well..." The voice began to speak, walking from the aisle in a way as if he was balancing on some rails. His hands behind his back, leaning down as he looked at you.

"Hello there my name is Karma."


'Why would anybody name their child Karma, that's just cruel...'

"I believe you have dropped this..." The male pointed his right hand to the book that you had previously opened. He held his arm out, slowly the book return to his hand as if he was using some kind of force. You blinked, rubbing your eyes hoping that this wasn't real. The book was now in Karma's hand.

"Here you go," The male dropped the book and walked away to the entrance leaving you alone.

Opening the book, there was a page marked in between the pages. Scribbled in messy handwriting, 'Welcome to the castle but becareful... Your room is on the second floor, first door on the left.'

Moving the scribbled not you read the first page.

Chapter 5

Vampires are creatures that look like humans...

It then hit you. Karma was a vampire and you were living in a vampire's home.


Outside the door, Karma peeked through the gap watching as your face paled.

"Karma why are you doing this?

"Aren't you bored?"

"Bored why?"

"Well, Asano... She's just amusing isn't she?"

"No fair you got to talk to her!" The light brown haired male whined.

"Maehara... She's a human she's not going to fall in love with some vampire."


Honestly, this chapter failed. I might need to remake a similar version. It was originally going to be some series, I give up.

- Kuurochii

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