Weight 2 - Chris Motionless

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NEITHER OF THE KINKS...but theres coming...

motionlessinwhite098 wanted a part two to Weight where Alex gained the weight and Chris fucks her, here ya go.

PS. I'm not going to describe her body, I don't want to body shame anyone by accident cause I know how that feels, so to keep everyone happy and loving their body's, I'm keeping out anything that I feel is just rude and mean to beautiful plus size people. And I'm sorry If I come off rude or anything, I'm not trying to, I'm not happy with my body so its the last thing I want is for people to feel bad.

...also, it's kinda rushed at the end, I'm worn out and I need to get this finished and posted cause I'll busy all day and really want this up today due to my own little due date things I do. Sorry.

Chris's POV -

I lean against the doorway of mine and Alex's bedroom, watching my beautiful girlfriend stare at herself in the mirror, only in some underwear and a bra.

She's gained weight, which I couldn't be happier about, she's just as beautiful as she was, she's close to 500lbs now. I love her so much more now that she gained this much weight for me, I still can't believe it and I'm staring at the perfect proof.

But I know she doesn't like it, she's been eating less and less, staring at herself more often and being quiet. I know she doesn't feel beautiful or sexy like I see her, she won't let me kiss her or touch her in anyway, which hurts me cause I only want to show her how wrong she is.

She's the sexiest woman alive, the most beautiful and a fucking angel, I just want to show her that and how she makes me feel.    

"Baby?" She looks at me and forces a smile, I know her well enough to know when she's feel bad and faking emotions so even trying is worthless.

"You're beautiful, Doll. Don't let your head tell you false shit." I state, walking into the room and closer to her as she sighs, her 'smile' dropping.

"No, I'm not Chris. You like this, I don't, I ruined my body and now I regret it. I'm not continuing this, I'm working out and losing it. I can't deal carrying this around, I feel ugly, not sexy or pretty.  I hate myself."

I cringe at the last part, that's the last thing I wanted, I don't want her to hate herself. If she really feels this way then I'll help her lose the weight, I don't like knowing I basically made my beautiful girlfriend hate herself by buying her more and more food.

I nod sadly, standing behind her and rubbing her upper arms, "I don't want you to feel this way when your absolutely beautiful and perfect but I'll help you lose it, you gained for me, I can help you lose it." She smiles, a real one.

"But, can you please let me fuck you? I want to feel this amazingly perfect and stunning body under me before you start losing." I kiss her neck and shoulder blades as her smile falters.

"Please, Baby, I only want to make you feel a little better. I hate seeing you look depressed, I want to make you feel beautiful and sexy, like I see you. Make you feel special, which you are, make you see your beautiful in my eyes plus more." My hands roam her body as she blushes, I smile at her through the mirror, turning her body to me and gently holding her face to kiss her.

It takes a second but she kisses me back, I smile against her lips, my hands sliding down her down her body to remove her bra. Wanting her fully naked so I can praise her body, wanting her to feel good.

I pull away from her lips, only to plant kisses down her jaw and neck, slowly making my way down, kissing every inch of her while my hands slip under her underwear, pulling them down as I lower myself to my knees in front of her.

Once her underwear land on the floor, my hand is on her cunt, gently rubbing her clit, a soft moan come from Alex as I feel her get wet. My cock hardens as well, loving the fact she's letting me touch her and kiss her beautiful body, the thoughts of pounding into her harshly  and making her move the only thing I want to do but know this isn't for me, not really away. It's for her.

"I can't wait to fuck this perfect body of yours, Alex. It'll be so amazing." I rub her harder, massaging her right breast, earning another moan.

I stand up, guiding her to the bed and laying her down only to situate myself between her thighs, loving the view of her wet cunt, I want it soaked though. I flick my tongue on her clit, making her moan again, I smirk, licking up her wetness.

"Chris.." I lick her again, moving my tongue around her clit then sucking it for a second.

"You're the sexiest woman ever, Baby. No matter what size, you're beautiful and perfect." I assure her, feeling her get wetter against my face as she moans at the feeling of me talking against her.

I slide two fingers in her, slowly fingering her as I nibble and suck her clit, wanting to fuck her hard with my cock, not fingers. I keep a steady pace pushing my fingers in and out as I eat her out, her moans echo in the room and my compliments or statements of how beautiful and stunning she is occasionally.

When I feel she's wet enough and I'm hard enough, I back away from her, quickly stripping my clothes before positioning myself at her entrance.

"Your Gorgeous, Alex. More then gorgeous, your a fucking angel." I growl at her as I roughly thrust into her, she moans loudly while I groan, feeling her wrapped around me.

I thrust roughly, going after each time, watching her body as I do and enjoying her moans and whimpers. I push myself deeper, gripping her skin, surely leaving fingerprints. The harsher I thrust and the faster I move, her body slowly starts to jerks upward from the force, only making my craving to have her jerking at every movement greater.

Each thrust is harsher and faster, forcing moans and whimpers from my beautiful girlfriend, and grunts and moans from Me. Each thrust I compliment her body, calling her every positive name in the book, anything that's even close to saying she's more then attractive, I call her.

It isn't long until my thrust get so harsh and faster, I reach my goal of making her body jerk at each movement, her moans louder as she fists the sheets. I can feel Alex tightening around me, causing me to get closer to releasing then I was, I push myself deeper and to go harder  to push both of us over the edge.

"Chris..fuck!" Alex can't finish what she was attempting to say before I feel her cum all over me, tightening around my cock so tight, it sends me over the edge.

My body tenses as a low moan slips from my lips, my grip stronger on her as I cum in her. Both of us are breathing heavily as I recollect myself before pulling out of her and falling next to her on the bed, my head turns to see her eyes closed as she also recollects herself.

"Like I said before, you're the most beautiful, attractive, sexy women I'm the world. I love you so much, no matter if you gain more or lose it completely, as long as I have an amazing girl after." 

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