Calm The Fire: 59

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Much like before, many years ago, Náriel and Thorin were seemingly inseparable. It was something which seemingly amused Fíli and Kíli, “So,” Náriel found an arm suddenly around her shoulders when they had stopped for a break. She looked to the owner, raising an eyebrow at Kíli she looked to the side as Fíli stood on her other side.

“What is it?” She asked while looking up at the sky. The day had started off so bright and sunny, but slowly the sky had started to cloud over. Thick grey clouds appeared to be rolling in from the West. A storm was coming from somewhere, if not a storm, then just a lot of rain was heading their way.

“We've been thinking,” Fíli said while putting a hand to his chin and nodding slowly in thought.

“You have to be careful with that. I hear it can hurt.” Náriel smirked, Fíli frowned at her words whereas Kíli let out a short laugh. “What is it?” She repeated her earlier question. She found them pausing and dragging this moment out was slowly starting to get annoying. She didn't want to spend her first break of the day being bothered by the brothers. For five hours they'd all trekked, it was almost noon and they were only resting for a few moments before setting off for another few hours before stopping for lunch. She was tired, and aching, and found a niggling pain setting in in the back of her head.

“You and uncle,” Kíli whispered lowly while patting her on the shoulder, she looked up at him.

“You're very close.” Fíli stated with a nod.

“Really close.” Kíli smiled.

“And?” Náriel asked dully.

“Well, like, if you two are together...” Fíli said thoughtfully while trailing off.

Kíli grinned and let out a quiet laugh. “Does that make you our aunt?”

Náriel's eyes widened, she looked between the two. “No.” She wriggled out from Kíli's arm and stepped back. Waving her hands at them, she grinned, “No.” She said again while pointing between them.

“Is that a 'no' to being together?” Fíli asked curiously.

“Or to us calling you aunty?” Kíli smirked and looked to his brother who just ended up smirking too. They were having way too much fun in teasing her. Teasing Bilbo had become rather boring, but teasing Náriel, no, this was a new source of entertainment. It was even more entertaining because of how well it all worked.

“The latter of the two.” Náriel said thoughtfully with a frown. “I don't want to hear either of you call me that.” She crossed her arms and let out a laugh. “I am not referring to you two as nephews.” She tilted her head to the side and playfully narrowed her eyes. “How about 'pests'? That's much more fitting for you.” She smirked as they looked mock offended.

“How rude of you!” Kíli said in playful horror.

“Pests? Us, pests? No, you must be confusing us with some other siblings.”

Náriel rolled her eyes. Sighing she stepped forwards. Reaching up she placed a hand on each other their shoulders. Looking from one to the other she smiled lightly. “Fine, not pests.” Patting their shoulders she walked past them and looked over her shoulder. Narrowing her eyes she put her hands in her pockets. “But the two of you are rather silly.” She smiled and continued on her way, raising an eyebrow she stopped beside Bilbo. He was looking around with a slightly confused expression on his face. “Are you all right?” She asked.

He gave a small jolt at hearing her voice. Clearly he hadn't seen her approaching. He looked up at her and simply nodded. “Yes, yes, I’m fine, you?”

“You're lying.” Náriel rolled her eyes and pulled her hands out of her pockets. “What is it?”

“Well, you see,” Bilbo started which caused her to nod at him to continue. “We've ran out of water.”

Náriel looked around, throughout their adventure so far, the majority of their canteens had either been misplaced, stolen, or lost. So because of this, they'd all taken to sharing, only there didn't seem to be many canteens to go around the group, and as such; ran out of water.

“There has to be a stream nearby.” She whispered, Bilbo didn't seem to believe her. Turning on her heels she looked around. Humming lightly she took a step forwards and then looked to him. “Bring them,” she nodded at the canteens which were near to him. Scooping them up in his arms he trotted after her.

It wasn't hard for the two of them to sneak away from the rest of the group. Bilbo just followed after Náriel hoping that she actually knew where she was going. When she stopped suddenly, he stopped too. Or rather he walked straight into her, he was too busy looking up at the large trees around them.

She looked over her shoulder at him, which he merely smiled sheepishly in retort to. Smiling she side stepped and gestured a hand forwards. “Water.” She said while watching as Bilbo walked forwards towards the small bubbling stream in front of them. As he crouched down and took to refilling, Náriel turned and kept watch. They weren't far from the others, so if something were to happen, help wouldn't be to far away.

Looking to the side when Bilbo appeared at her side, Náriel smiled. “All done?”

“Yes,” he said while checking the bottles in his grasp. “I hope we don't run out again. There was hardly anything here to fill these up.” Náriel looked back to the stream. She saw what he meant. It was near to nothing. The rocky bed of it could be seen and only a small trickle really made up the stream.

Frowning she nodded forwards, “Let's return.” She simply said. She couldn't think of anything else to say, she too hoped they wouldn't run out of water, and that there were other streams nearby where they could fill up. There wasn't any civilisation, so getting supplies was going to be hard.

When they returned Náriel stood and watched as Bilbo simply handed out the canteens that they did have. “I know that expression,” she looked up, Thorin pushed away from a tree and walked over to stand by her side with his arms crossed. “Quiet contemplation.” He said while giving a nod, she looked up at him quickly before looking back to the resting group. “What is it?”

“We're running low on...well, everything.” She said with a shrug. “Just, if we do run out, I’m not quite sure where we'd go to stock up.”

“We have enough for now?” Thorin asked with a frown, he didn't quite think that her puzzled thoughtful expression would lead to this.

“For now,” she replied quietly while looking up at him. Smiling suddenly she placed a hand on his arm. “How are you feeling?” She asked deciding to change the subject, though it didn't seem like this subject was one he wished to speak of. Mainly because he sighed, frowned and narrowed his eyes down at the ground. His whole reaction caused Náriel to laugh quietly and shake her head slowly. “Perhaps we can speak of something else?” She questioned while rocking on her heels and crossing her arms behind her back.


(A/N: I update while still being in minor shock over yesterdays Game of Thrones ep, seriously, what the junk?!??! Oberyn!!!!! I am heart broken!! And in shock. This is cruel, and unfair...cruelly unfair!! D": Ahem, moving on from something completely unrelated, not a whole lot happens here (and tbh, I'm not a fan of this chapter) but I'm rambling this out just to tell you that I'm slowly leading up to a time skip so that I can further onto DoS, woop, fat dragon, woop! Thanks and bye xDD)

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