Calm The Fire: 58

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“What can you see?” He asked seriously, her eye sight after all was vastly better than his.

“Nothing.” Leaning her head away from his shoulder she looked up at him. “Can't help but be paranoid. I’ve become used to something appearing in the silent nights.” Rolling her eyes she sighed. “Be them Orcs...Spiders...Trolls...Goblins...”

“I think your guard can be dropped for the moment.” Thorin stated.

Náriel raised an eyebrow and leant forwards. “Is that because I have a protector present?”

“Don't look at me, I’m not much use at the moment. Bilbo however,” he said while letting out a quiet laugh, Náriel smiled, she was happy he'd finally come round to the Hobbit.

“Don't sell yourself short, Thorin.” She said seriously while reaching up and pushing a stray dark lock of hair out of his face. “You'll heal, quickly at that, and then you'll be better than ever.”

“You saying I wasn't better before all of this?” He smirked and gestured to one of his minor cuts, this caused Náriel to laugh quietly again. She put her hands over her mouth to try and conceal the noise and the grin. She had quite forgotten what he was like when joking around. She had almost forgotten how much he made her laugh when he was like that. Hearing her quiet laughter caused him to smile and look back up at the night sky.

“I didn't quite mean it like that.”

“I know,” he said seriously and looked down at her. She meant it in the sense of having this experience with Azog would cause him to reassess things, hopefully. He'd heal, and he'd be all the more stronger. “My.” He said at length, Náriel looked at him confused. “You addressed me as 'my King'.” Náriel slowly smiled, it seemed to confuse him somewhat. “Why?” He looked at her, she gave a shrug, which caused him to frown. “You have to have a reason.”

“You know,” Náriel said. “When I spoke of you in Mirkwood, there were often jokes thrown around at my expense. Though, I never paid heed to them, because it was petty. They wouldn't address you by name, so you became 'my Dwarf Prince'.” She smiled though it wasn't wholly a happy smile from the memory. She leant her chin against her hand and looked at him. “You are not mine. I have no claim to you, but I wanted to say it...for...I don't know, I wouldn't say old times sake, more for an unhappy memories sake. Because you're not a Prince no more, you are a King, it is ironic to a point, those who joked what little they knew.”

Thorin listened to her words and sat quietly thinking over them for a while. She looked at him confused when he reached forwards and pulled the chain out from around her neck. Turning the clasp over in his hand he frowned lightly and looked up at her.

“You had claim as soon as you accepted this gift so long ago, Náriel.” He said picking up the main point of her words which seemed to dishearten her most. Her eyes widened and blinked slowly trying to piece everything together. Thorin easily pulled the chain up and over her hair and took to taking the clasp off. It was so worn, more so than he originally thought. Smiling over the memory of the moment he gave it to her, he looked up. He wasn't so nervous as he was then.

Holding it out to her he smiled. “May I court you, again, Náriel?”

She nodded slowly and reached over her shoulder. Finding a simple plait she held it out and watched as the metal clipped around the blonde locks. A wide smile appeared on her face as she simply turned it over in her hands. The simple wonder of it reappeared like it did the first time.

“Can you do something for me?” Thorin asked, she looked up at him. “Don't take it off again.” He said sternly with a frown.

“I didn't wish to the first time, may I say.” Náriel said while shutting her eyes and leaning her forehead against his. “It'll stay.”

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