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Calm The Fire: 57

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“Mi moth gwilwileth ortha,” Náriel absent-mindedly sung quietly to herself. She hadn't got any task set, so she just sat leaning against a tree watching as everyone pottered around. Every so often one of the company would make sure there was nothing lurking on the surroundings of their camp.

“That was beautiful,” an awkward voice said, looking up to the side she smiled at Bilbo. He shifted from foot to foot feeling a little out of place like he shouldn't have listened in to her. “What does it mean?”

“In a pond, a butterfly rises.” Náriel translated simply. Bilbo frowned lightly and sat down, he patted his knees and stretched his legs out. “It's a song.”

“Oh,” Bilbo said while giving a small wiggle. “By all accounts don't let me stop you from continuing.” He said while looking straight ahead at the fire a little in front of them. When Náriel didn't continue he looked up, she was smiling at him. “What? What is it?”

Tilting her head to the side she looked up at the night sky. “You want me to continue don't you?” Her eyes slid down to look at him, Bilbo just coughed and frowned and shook his head. Though in truth yes he did, there was something about the Elven language which he found intriguingly pleasant. It caused curiosity to stir within him.

“Did someone say a song?” Bofur piped up suddenly in front of them.

“It is not like your songs.” Náriel said while standing up, Bilbo shot up by her side.

“Oh, not like my songs, eh? What are my songs like?” He asked trying to sound serious only to smile and use a joking tone.

Náriel just crossed her arms and gave him a knowing look. “My songs don't involve home, food, or anything along those lines.” She said. “Nature, however, yes.” Rolling her eyes she reached out and put her hands on Bofur's shoulders, turning him around she nudged him forwards. “Bilbo wishes for me to continue considering he eavesdropped in, and you...I have a point to prove, so I shall sing...happy?”

“Yes,” Bofur replied while easily sitting down.

“Well, yes, I suppose.” Bilbo said while sitting slowly down.

Jumping up onto a log, Náriel turned and smiled down at the small group in front of her who were all slowly tucking into their meal. They had overheard her words with Bofur, and none of them were really going to dissuade her.

“Mi moth gwilwileth ortha.
A sîr lhûg 'ond awartha.

Sui guil, sui guil.

Or ael heledir dortha
Di 'olf dhannen lim dartha

Sui guil, sui guil.

Mi 'aladh melethrid1 erthast
Nu Ithil 'ael aderthast.

Sui guil, sui guil.” She sung quietly, yet strongly, her voice didn't echo and travel far, just far enough to envelope the group. When she had finished she bowed. “Finished for you, and proved my point to you.” She said while pointing from Bilbo to Bofur. The second of which looked confused, though so did everyone else but Gandalf who nodded seemingly enjoying the song.

“Aye...you possibly did if I understood what you said.” Bofur said while looking very bemused.

With a over dramatic groan, Náriel looked skywards. “Valar give me strength to translate.” Putting a hand to her temple she tapped it, it was easy enough translating one sentence, but the whole thing? She had this problem long ago with Thorin. Translating was not a strong suit of hers.

“In a pond, a butterfly rises
By a stream, a snake abandons a rock.

Such is life; such is life.

Over a pool, a kingfisher dwells
Under a fallen branch, a fish survives.

Such is life; such is life.

In a tree, lovers meet
Under the glimmering Moon they reunite.

Such is life; such is life.” She finished quietly, Gandalf gave an assuring nod, so she figured she translated it all correctly which caused a triumphant smile to appear on her face. She sat down and happily took the meal which Bombur held out to her. She figured that he had told Fíli and Kíli to find edible looking plants when they were out previously hunting. She wasn't complaining, it was edible, and it was nice. Though her meal caused others to scrutinize it, she just frowned lightly and continued to enjoy. They could have their...whatever they were having, she hadn't even paid much mind to their meal.


The small fire which they had made slowly dwindled to mere embers. The grey smoke drifted upwards lazily as if trying to meet the shining stars which shone down. The moon was out, its silver moonlight illuminated everything. Though down below in the thick trees of the forest, it was hard to pick one detail out from another.

Náriel, even with her sharp eye sight had to squint now and again. On more than one occasion she'd almost gone to attack a poor animal. A fox would trudge past and she'd tense thinking it was something else, only for its eyes to coolly look at her.

Relaxing she let out a sigh only to flinch when she realized someone had snuck up to sit beside her. She was to distracted by the fox to listen to the approaching footsteps from behind.

“You're meant to be resting,” she said, she didn't even need to fully look up. “Or can't you sleep?” At this she looked to Thorin, who did look rather uncomfortable. “Problems?” She continued to whisper, she didn't want to wake anyone else up. “Are you in pain?” The amount of questions she was shooting his way caused him to roll his eyes at her. Of course he was hurting, that was one silly question to ask. Náriel sensed this and awkwardly smiled and looked back ahead.

“I can't sleep. I can't exactly rest if I can't sleep.” He replied quietly while wrapping an arm around himself. Pressure helped so he held onto himself.

“You can,” Náriel said, he looked at her, trust her to contradict him. She smiled, “Just lay, that's resting. Though, I suppose in some ways you are right,” she looked away and back up at the night sky. “What is rest without sleep?” She whispered and quietly sighed. She smiled again and nudged her shoulder gently against his, he looked down at her. “Thank you for the company.”

“You're welcome.” He replied and they were silent again. Though Náriel did sit quietly humming to herself, this though she eventually grew tired of and just leant her head against his shoulder. Reaching down she managed to link her arms with his, he turned his hand over and caught hold of one of hers.

“It's so quiet,” Náriel said with a frown, though the breathing and the slight snoring behind her could say otherwise.

“You afraid of silence?” Thorin questioned with a smirk.

“I'm afraid of what might be hiding in the silence.” Náriel said seriously, the night time noises which were surrounding them had gone, all of a sudden. There were no more crickets, no more scurrying sounds from unseen animals, nothing.


(A/N: Ugh, well, I wasn't gonna update today because I am fully cold riddled and doped up on cold and flu crap, but I was like 'nah, nah, gotta update cos I like this chapter' xD so yeah, updated after work, while doped up on cold and flu stuff, if there's errors, let me know and I'll attempt to correct them tomorrow before work.)

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