5: Take a chance on me

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Fan fiction


I am writing this specifically because I am sick and tired of all the crappy JB, Twilight and ID fan fics (some HP one's are good). I don't think anyone has done this sort of fan fic before because they all seem to be fulfilling the girls fantasys of being with the above people (if yours is different then I apologise) Anyways @TheReviewer made the trailer and @author10 made the cover :)



Peony Harding has always dreamed of becoming a famous dancer but she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at age five she does not think that dream will ever come true. She also has another dream, to perform with her favourite band JLS, will she be able to? When her best friend Tamah tells Peony that she has organised for JLS to come to the hospital to perform with her Peony becomes more excited than ever but when Zachary the boy Peony met in hospital becomes more ill Peony might have to give up her dream of singing with JLS...

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