Chapter 31

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Once we got to the hospital the contractions where becoming worse. The nurse checked us in and helped me into a wheelchair.

I was wheeled into a private room where Destery and the nurse helped me into bed.

The on call doctor came in shortly after to examine me and see how far along I was.

"Well it looks like you are about 3 centimeters dilated. I'll be back to check on you in a few hours." He said.

"Oh babe! I forgot about the guys coming about the crib tomorrow what are we gonna do?" I asked.

"It's cool, I called one of my buddies to watch the house for us." He said.

"When did you do that?" I asked.

"On the way here." He said.

I relaxed knowing that was taken care of, but not for to long another contraction came. I don't know what causes these but I don't like it!

I squeezed the side of the bed railing and held in my scream.

It passed and I was tired.

"My parents! You have to call them and tell them." I told him.

"Hannah called them after we left they are hurrying here as we speak." He assured.

I nodded and began to doze off.

"Sleep babe, I'm gonna be over here." He whispered and walked over to the couch in the room.

I fell asleep and slept I don't know how long. Before I know it the doctor was back and ready to examine me again.

"Ok, looks like you are 6 centimeters. We're getting there. Just hang in there momma bear." He assured me.

He walked out and I looked over at Destery, "Did he just call me momma bear?" I asked.

"I think so." He said.

"So any news on my parents?" I asked.

"Hannah said they are about 2 hours away. So they should be here soon." He said.

Cool, the last thing I want to hear my mother complain about is how she missed her only grandchild's birth. And then Quinn will have one and his will be soooo much better.

That's how it is in my family, the youngest is the golden boy. He can do no wrong. He might as well be Jesus in their eyes.


"Where is she?" I heard someone yell. It sounded feminine.

Uh oh.

"Ma'am please just let me escort you this is a maturity ward we don't need you shouting!" Said another.

"Yeah well my daughter is about to have a baby and I'll be damned if I miss it!" The other shouted back.

Suddenly my dads head popped in.

"Hey princess!" He said softly.

"Honey! She's in here would you quite down!" Dad yelled.


Dad came over to my side and smoothed my hair back.

It felt nice against my forehead, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling.

The on call doctor came back into the room and told me my OBGYN was here. So he came in and checked me out and said I was 8 centimeters. Almost time to deliver.

"So your water is already broken?" He asked.

"Yes." I told him.

"Well that's strange, if your water is broken you should be moving at a much faster rate." He looked puzzled.

He assured me that it was probably nothing and that I was moving along just fine.

He left the room and my parents sat on the couch.

Poor Destery.

"So, did you have a shower?" My mother asked.

"No mom, but some of the girls at work pitched in and bought me some stuff." I explained.

Just then I began to have another contraction. Destery rushed over and I grubbed his hand.

My mom hit the nurse button without me knowing. Until a nurse showed up, asking if I was ok.

"I'm fine! It was just a contraction." I assured the nurse.

"Well just to be sure I'm gonna go ahead and get the doctor in to check." She said.

Before I could protest she had left to get the doctor.

He came back it, and put on his gloves. I already had my legs in stirrups.

"It is safe to are ready!" He said.

"What?!?" Me and Destery both asked.

"Yeah, we are gonna transport you to a delivery room." He I formed us.

The safe guard bar went up and I was about to have a baby....

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