Chapter 16

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-Matt's POV-

Ok. I'm starting to worry now. Sky has been gone for ages. I haven't told the boys or Amy what I told Sky. What if I drove her away? What if she freaked out and left? It's her birthday in 3 days. She has to come back, doesn't she? She can't just leave us all in her house. She'll come back. Stop worrying Matt, she'll be fine. Won't she?

-Hayes' POV-

Where is Sky? Matt was the last one to see her but he just said that he talked to her about how Taylor didn't want to hurt her. I think he's lying. What if he still likes her? Great. I'm going to lose her. I mean Matt is Matt, he's irresistible to the girls, I have no clue why? He hasn't got blue eyes or brown hair or big nostrils, so why would anyone like him? I'm kidding, I'm just trying to make myself feel better. I really like her.

There's something about her, her innocence- when I first met her, I thought she wouldn't hurt a fly. Turns out she's actually really strong. Not just physically, but mentally. I get that she's been mentally scarred but she's so strong, she has so much to worry about- her family situation, her new school, Amy and matt, Anna.

I just don't want him to take her away from me. I make her happy don't I?

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