Chapter One

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Hey guys!

So since Bayani's face reveal is in 45 minutes (squee) I decided I'd give y'all a chapter that has more relevance to the Cube than the prologue ;) As promised, it's longer  than the prologue.

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ELISE’S POV (2 years later – age 16)

“Welcome home, Elise,” I muttered sarcastically, throwing one of my many suitcases onto the bed of my new room. My mom had certainly outdone herself: a desk for my laptop, walls painted just the color I loved (light purple), several beanbag chairs, and a walk-in closet and bathroom. She was doing everything she could to soften the blow of the move, but it wasn’t working.

My eyes stung as I thought of Alex’s tearful goodbye, of her tackling me in the biggest hug she’d ever given me, forcing me to promise to Skype her every single day. I’d lost the one person who’d made life bearable for me. Hopefully I could manage through the rest of high school and then move back in with Alex in an apartment or something.

Yeah. That’s going to happen.

I groaned and plopped down into one of the beanbag chairs. 

The only thing that may possibly get me through this was my YouTubers. Ever since my father died two years ago, they’ve kept me going. In fact, they saved my life, pretty much. The Cube members were basically my whole world at this point.

Graser’s laugh, Grape’s smile, Bayani’s voice, TYBZI’s jokes, Tomahawk’s sarcasm…

That was essentially what I lived for now.

“Elise!” My mom called from downstairs. “Start unpacking! You start school tomorrow, you know!”

What the heck? We just got here! “Fine, Mom!” I shouted back, annoyed. She wasn’t even going to give me time to get used to the new place before shoving me into a high school full of teenagers I don’t know? Great. Just great.

I unpacked my laptop first, setting it on the desk and booting it up. I immediately logged on Skype and called Alex.

“Keep me company whilst I unpack,” I told her.

She grinned at me through the screen.

~ Time skip ~

“ELISE! Wake up!” came my mother’s scream from somewhere in the house. “You don’t want to be late on your first day!”

“Yeah,” I mumbled. “Cause that would be a bummer, wouldn’t it?” Nonetheless, I threw the covers off me and started to dress mechanically. A Minecraft enderman t-shirt and some jeans, along with my favorite black shiny Toms. I brushed my wavy hair in an attempt to tame it before applying a minimal amount of makeup and making my way to the kitchen.

Mom was bustling around getting ready. “Sorry, I didn’t have time to make you breakfast, sweetie,” she apologized. “You’ll have to find something yourself.”

Rolling my eyes behind her back, I grabbed a PopTart from the pantry and a banana, leaning against the counter and munching them absentmindedly. 

Twenty minutes later, we were pulling up in front of the school in Mom’s old Toyota. “Have a good first day, honey!” she told me as I got out of the car, slung my backpack over my shoulder, and shut the door. 

Shrugging, I turned and made my way into the school.

It was actually a really nice place. The halls were wide and spacious (though empty, because class was most likely going on), and it looked clean and well kept. A large television screen by the entryway proclaimed a student council fundraiser while some posters advertised various clubs and organizations. I found my way to the office and stepped inside.

Two middle-aged women were busily answering phone calls behind a large desk. Another woman, most likely a mother, sat in a chair by the door and smiled at me as I walked in. I returned it wearily, and waited awkwardly for the secretary to finish her phone call.

“…yes, okay, I’ll let him know. Thank you, have a good day. Bye.” The secretary hung up the phone and looked up at me. “Can I help you, miss?”

“Um, yes ma’am.” I shifted my feet nervously. “I’m Elise Winters, I’m supposed to be starting today…?”

The woman shuffled through some paperwork on her desk. Finally finding the right folder, she handed it to me with a small smile. “Here’s your schedule, Miss Winters. Now, the principal should be waiting for you just down there. Second door on the left.”

“Thank you.” I started down the hallway, clutching the folder in my shaking hands. I took a deep breath. Calm down, Elise. It’s just the principal. You’re not in trouble.

Of course I’m not in trouble, I just got here.

I approached the door labeled ‘Principal’ and knocked. Someone called, “Come in!” and I wearily entered.

Two people were in the room. The first was a man who appeared to be in his mid-forties, with a pretty sweet mustache and a goofy grin. The second was a teenage boy with short brown hair and deep green eyes that were trained on me the moment I walked in. At first glance, he was seriously cute. The kind of guy I would’ve admired from a distance with Alex back home.

“Ah, you must be Miss Winters.” the mustache man (who I assumed was the principal) stood and grinned at me. 

I tore my gaze away from the boy. “Yes, sir.”

He nodded approvingly. “Miss Winters, this is Jordan,” he introduced, gesturing at the boy. “He will be your guide, as he shares all of your schedule exactly.”

Yep, there's chapter one! I figured in honor of his face reveal today I'd have Bayani be her tour guide (though she doesn't know it yet!).

I kind of picture the principal I wrote like Dr Eggman from the Sonic games, but nicer. Is that weird? I hope not xD

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