Chapter 14: Men Don't Tell Me What To Do

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The smell of bacon woke me up. Wafting into my room and trying to get me out of bed. I rolled over and saw that Caroline wasn't there.

Oh well

I pulled back the covers and slipped on my socks. I walked passed my siblings rooms and noticed that Ethan was gone.

Probably making me breakfast

I tiptoed down the stairs so I didn't wake up my sister and walked into the kitchen. I was greeted by a sight I didn't need to see. 

Carol and Ethan making out

Damn that was fast

''Ahh my eyes'' I screamed out in surprise. Ethan and Carol pulled away and looked at me like a deer caught in headlights. ''Its not what you think'' Ethan started to sweat under my pressure.

''Its exactly what you think'' Carol whacked his arm and gave him another quick kiss. ''What is happening'' I held my hand to my forehead. 

''It just happened'' Ethan shrugged and pulled out a chair for me. ''Are you guys dating?'' Ethan smirked and Carol jumped up, pulling me into a hug. ''Its official, the Cathan ship has sailed'' We both screamed out in joy.

''Who's getting murdered'' My sister walked into the room. 

''Carol and Ethan finally confessed their love for each other'' Charlotte smiled and gave my brother a pat on the back. ''Good job bro''

''Now Anastasia we need to talk'' Ethan grabbed my arm and pulled me into his office.

This is going to be fun


''So how was your weekend guys'' Hannah joined us at the table on Monday. ''It was eventful'' I shrugged my shoulders and took a bite of my sandwich.

''It was okay'' Kieran kissed me on the cheek and turned to talk to Alec. 

''What's up with him?'' Hannah nudged me. ''I don't know Han''.

Oh I've got a pretty good idea.

''C'mon lets get going. I still need to go past the library'' Hannah grabbed my arm and pulled me up of the table. 

''Where are you going?'' Kieran turned to me in alarm. ''Hannah needs to do something. I'll see you in Science'' I kissed my boyfriend and left the cafeteria.

We walked to the library and Hannah went inside. A buzzing from my pocket broke me out of my daydream.

Hey Babe

Good to know that lover boy doesn't know about your little secret. Do you want me to tell him?  Come to the pier next Saturday and say your goodbyes if you don't want anybody to get hurt. What about Hannah or Isabella. I'll  be waiting.

Love Eric. 

Oh shit on a stick.

F u Eric

If he tells Kieran and my siblings about me, my relationship and my real identity. Everything will fall apart. 

I've got to make sure that doesn't happen. 

I pull out my phone and switch to Carols messages.

Girl I need help, txt back asap!.

I slipped my phone back into my pocket and waited for Hannah to come out. Hannah pushed through the doors and slipped her arm though mine. ''Lets go''.

We both walked to the Science labs and went our separate ways. I neared the classroom and herd Kieran and his gang talking to Mrs Saint.

''Are you sure that was the Eric that hurt Anastasia'' Mrs Saint whispered. They were talking about me!

''Yeah gangleader of the White Knifes and a complete weirdo'' Matt jumped in before Kieran could say anything. 

''He hurt Anastasia and I can't look at her in the same light anymore'' Kieran's sad voice slipped out of the room. I could feel my heart clenching in fear.

''She is your girlfriend, Anastasia can't get dragged into our problems'' Alec tried to comfort my boyfriend. 

To bad I'm already knee deep in problems.

''And if she found out about Cara, everything will fall apart. I love her'' Kieran's voice echoed through my ears.

Who the f*ck is Cara?!!

My phone buzzed in my pocket again. I pulled it out to see an attachment from Eric. I opened the picture and saw my worst fear.

Kieran kissing another girl on the night of our first date.

That dick!

I guess after this you will want to break up with him. 1 down and 1 to go. Soon your family and friends will become little stepping stones to our bright future. Love you, Eric. 

My mouth felt dry as I read the message and flicked back to the picture. I was nothing to him and he was everything to me. I have to go with Eric or he will hurt people that I love. 

Eric I agree to your proposal, I will meet you.

I turned away from the door and ran outside the school. My limps felt heavy and tears were running down my cheeks, to think that I loved him!

I jumped into my car and drove back home, sending Beau a message that I didn't feel well. 

I parked my jeep and went inside. I walked into the kitchen and pulled out my brother bottle of brandy and poured myself a glass. I was going to drunk

And I will enjoy it!. 

Cause which girl needs a man to tell her what to do


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