* Liam's point of view *

 I was in my room, it's Friday night and i was just laying in my bed, thinking about Vampire Diaries.I saw today the last episode of season 3 and i was crying. I mean really, really crying. I'm a big fan of Delena. They just meant to be together but Stefan was in the middle.I don't say that Stefan is not good, he is very good but sometimes he can be such a girl, and i believe he is not the one for Elena, i actually think that Stefan is made for Kathrine. Damon had suffer so much, first he had fallen in love with Kathrine, and it turned that she was using him.Then he turn to vampire because of her, and when he thougt that Kathrine was burnt into the church he didn't wanted to live, especially as vampire.But Stefan had to be a ripper and he killed their father and he made Damon drink blood..After many years of pain Damon left his humanity and emotions back and he become a monster.Then Damon as it turns out, met Elena the night before her and her parents got that accident and he compelled her to find what she wanted.After that Elena found Stefan and she fall for him, then Damon came in the picture and he fell in love with her and he let his emotions..The sad part is that at the end Elena chose Stefan and not Damon and he told him if he had met him first she may be in love with him..This is how it sucks.SHE HAD MET DAMON FIRST. But Damon is a caring, lovely, lonely boy that wants to be loved, he sacrifice everything for his love, and he does it but everyday they chose his brother instead of him sens he was kid.And that's why Damon is afraid to show his emotion because like many people is afraid the rejection. People like me! I hope that Damon will get his happy ending, when now Elena is a vampire and she will remember the first time when they met, and the time when Damon told her that he loved her..But i don't know when i'm gonna have my happy ending..Maybe those are only in fairytale.

"Liam? We are going to take pizza want to come?" Harry came in my room and asked.

"No,thank you" I said and he walked out.I heard noise from downstairs and then a door closing.I stood up and walk downstairs to the kitchen. I grab the ice-cream from the freezer, a spoon and walk to my room. Yes i know, i took a spoon but right now i don't care, i'm so not in the mood for not even been kind of scared.I walked to my desk where my ipad was and i took it and walk to my bed.I lay there and opened my ipad and went to youtube. I typed Matt Cardle, The first time and listen to it. Matt's voice is relaxing.I mean had you heard him? I feel so god damn lucky to meet this guy and be live with his in the same house.He is really my idol and i was so happy for him when he won the X factor even if we came 3th. Well of course i wanted to win but i always had the idea that the second and third person who won at X factor or American Idol always make bigger career than the one had won, i don't know why but look? It had worked, we stayed together and now we are touring at UK,America,Australia,Europe and so many other countries. I am not complaining. I heard loud voices and laughter from downstairs and i went to the stairs to see Niall with Harry in one couch, cuddling already, they are together, for like 7 months now. Then it was Louis with Eleanor in other couch and Zayn with Perrie. They didn't noticed me and i walked back to my room.I shut the door loudly, but i didn't care and i lay on my bed.I can't cry... No i can't...You can do this...You are 18 and a boy.. You can't cry...You went through so much you can't cry...I won't cry..I can do this....Oh fuck it !

Tears were striming down in my cheeks and i wasn't even bothered to whiped them.I just let them fall.I was staring my ceiling and just letting my tears fall.I could hear laughter and talking from downstairs, and i went and sit at the stairs, they couldn't see me of course but i just sat there listening their conservation.

"Where is Liam?" Eleanor asked..

"He is probably upstairs." Niall said.

"Danielle asks about him all the time" Really? She is still asks about me? Fuck it, i don't care about her.