Bad Boy Fling (pt. 1)

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Kate Smith securely buckled her belt around her skirt before reaching for the latch on the bathroom stall door.

She was a small girl, a little under the average height for her age of sixteen, and had long black hair. She had worn it in a ponytail today so that when she went to her track meet it would easily be out of the way.

The pleated uniform skirt around her thighs made her legs look nice, showing off her previous summer tan.

The start of a new school year and a past summer was the blessing of her life. At least right now. She felt like she was finally becoming the woman she would stay until official adulthood.

She'd reached the level of maturity where people had stopped thinking of her as a kid. And if not that, her body had developed into something that looked completely new.

When she had left the previous school year her breasts had been small and perky, her body had been lanky as if she had not yet grown into her own limbs. She was skinny and not quite rounded around the edges. Her face had been plain and dull.

Now when she looked in the mirror this morning before school, she saw the girl she had always wanted to be.

Her lips were fuller and had more color to them, and most of all she had finally grown into her size 38 C breasts. She remembered the feeling of looking down and seeing pretty creamy cleavage from her bra.

Her body finally had curves that she had grown into, and her bottom now had made her skirt a little shorter with it's nice roundness.

She finally looked like a woman.

A sound coming from behind her surprised her and she quickly turned as a small gasp fell from her lips.

Eric Miller was climbing out of the ceiling tiles, his breath coming out in pants.

He made a small sound as he dropped to the floor and landed firmly on his feet.

What was he doing in here?

Kate's hand froze on the lock as well as the rest of her body, and she could only stare at the boy two years her senior.

He was a senior this year and eighteen. She didn't think she felt like such a woman now as she looked at the man that towered above her.

He had light stubble on his jaw, already coming on from a morning she knew had been spent shaving.

He was the Senior every girl talked about. The one who had won countless prom King's but also shared his time at the bars, rode a motorcycle, and went out on a hot date every night.

He was also a prankster, she remembered the time he put a love note in her locker in sixth grade and signed it by the boy she had had a crush on. After she had embarrassed herself and confessed her love to the boy, he had no idea what she was talking about.

Now Kate blinked up at his back and wondered just what the hell he was doing here.

Finally, he turned and a smile came to his lips. As well as surprise in his brown eyes.

"Well, well. Good thing I caught you with your skirt up, little girl. Or should I say down?"

His fingers reached out to grasp the hem of her skirt, knuckles brushing against her thigh.

She felt her skin heat automatically and felt her nipples hardening already under her blouse.

She jerked away, her face flaming.

"What are you doing in the ladies room? Can't you read?"

He chuckled and motioned to the wall.

"Sorry, girl," This made Kate pause when she realized that he didn't even remember who she was.

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