1/23/18 A makeup advisor, a new friend, & trouble in Paradiss?

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It's been a busy couple of days but I've made plans with another plant based/eco nerd who also loves alt fashion and thrifting! We're so similar in so many ways, I'm excited to meet her. We were introduced through a mutual friend, and we're going thrifting after I get off work tomorrow.
Also, I'm planning on having her do my makeup sometime in the very near future. She's super into the goth aesthetic and goodness, I've seen her modeling work online. GORG.
The idea is maybe with her makeup skills, especially involved in more alternative aesthetics, that maybe she can help me come up with a simple(read: lazy) way to do dolly makeup.
I've learned that I can't really do foundation. It makes my skin oily and really unhappy, but I quite like my skin without, old acne scarring and the few persistent pimples here and there. As a whole, I love how pale and even my skin looks... It's just when you get close up that you see the scarring. 😅

In other news, I'm a touch worried. My partner and I have been together just shy of a decade at this point and when something happened earlier he said something a touch off kilter. This led me to googling like a madman when I got home. Later on I searched for all the instances of "love" in my text history and he seldom initiates the "I love you" comments. It's always "I love you too."
I never noticed before but I was looking through quite the backlog in my phone... unless my phone's search feature is very much a troll. He said it first on the phone tonight, but it was the regular flow of conversation. It raises doubts and concerns of his passion for me, but then again, we've been together a decade. The honeymoon phase is long over. Maybe it's normal to start questioning things after so long? I'm more than happy to seek out a relationship counselor if it'll help because I'm sure I'm just being paranoid for no reason.

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