Netflix and Fort

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Stuff to Note:
C/N is your boyfriend in this one-shot. 
F/M: Favorite Movie

Your POV

I'm heading over to C/N's for a movie night. He says he has a surprise waiting for me.

*Knock Knock Knock*

"Hey princess!" C/N yelled as he pulled me into a hug, swinging the door wide open, "Okay, now close your eyes so I can show you the surprise."

He guided me to a spot in his house, which I'm guessing is his room from all the turns we took.

"Open your eyes."

My jaw dropped as I looked into his room. He set up a whole fort with pillows and blankets. The ceiling lights were off but there were fairy lights illuminating the mini fort.


I grabbed his hand and we both crawled into the mini fort. He pulled out his laptop and opened it.

I wrapped us in some blankets as we sat glued together against the bedroom wall. The computer was sitting on a little stool so we could get a good view.

"What movies do you want to watch?" He asked.


"But we've watched that millions of times!"

"PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEE," I gave him my puppy-eye look.

"Fine, but only because I love you," he sighed.

"Yay!" I gave him a kiss on the cheek as his face turned red.

The rest of the night was filled with smiles and laughter. We ate so many snacks I probably gained 100 more pounds.

We started a new movie after F/M ended, but I guess C/N was tired because he fell asleep with his head on my lap.

I ran my fingers through his soft hair. How did I become so lucky?

Hello and happy new year! Omg I'm so late. Sorry this is a bit short

(302 Words)

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