Chapter 15

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-Taylor's POV-

Where the hell is Sky? She hasn't been back for 3 hours now. She left at 8pm. It's now 11pm. she didn't take her phone with her. Oh god, what if she's lying in a ditch somewhere? She can't be hurt, it will kill me. If I lose her, I'll lose a part of me. I may have only been close to her for 3 months but she means so much to me. She's like a little sister to me.

I shouldn't have gone out with Mia, I haven't told Sky that I'm dating Mia, she's gonna freak out. I still really like her, but Skylar made it very clear to me that nothing would ever happen between us. it's not bad that I've moved on is it?

I should have been there for her, I should have been there to hold her when she needed me. I shouldn't have been such a dick when I got back. I can't help it, all the boys like her. I just want to keep her safe. I don't want her to get hurt again, she doesn't deserve to go through that again.

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