I Once Knew You

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All he saw was a hit, then he heard a slam. Tina had fallen to the ground.

"Tina!" Jimmy Jr. Shouted running towards her. When he approached her Jimmy saw that she fell unconscious. "Someone get the nurse!"

Jimmy crouched down and noticed she was still breathing. "Tina! Can you hear me?"

"Uhhhhh..." came a quiet sound.

"Geez Jocelyn what did you do?" Jimmy Jr. asked.

"I didn't mean it! I was just defending myself! I thought she was going to hit me not hug me!" Jocelyn yelled out.

"Out of the way!" the school nurse had finally arrived. "What happened here?"

"Tina got hit and fell hitting her head." JImmy Jr. Said.

Hearing Jimmy Jr. say that sentence made Jocelyn feel really bad. How was she supposed to know Tina was going to hug her? Tina gave off the wrong vibe earlier when Jocelyn was talking to Jimmy Jr.

"I will hit you."

Tina didn't sound like she was playing around. So after lunch how was Jocelyn supposed to know what she would do?

"I feel so bad....." Jocelyn whispered to herself.

After the nurse had gotten Tina into a wheelchair and down to the office, she fixed up the cot for Tina to lay on. Tina was fully knocked out cold and sleeping. The nurse determined that Tina had suffered a concussion.

While Tina slept, Jimmy Jr. went down to the nurse's office to see if Tina was okay.

"Is Tina okay?" Jimmy Jr. asked.

"You can go back there if you'd like." The nurse said.

Jimmy Jr. walked back to where Tina was laying. He saw Tina peacefully sleeping. Tears came to his eyes but then words escaped his mouth in song form.

I wasn't always nice

I wasn't always kind

I told you to leave me alone a few times

I made you think you were trash

But I secretly have your back


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