Neko Love [Karma Akabane] (REQUEST)

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Requested by: JoyAkaAmira

Neko! Karma x Reader. I don't really get how they work so forgive me if it's incorrect. Friggen wattpadd tells me to write 'color' instead of 'colour'.

Nekos are cats with coloured fur (depending on their hair colour). They can transform and look like a human (still possessing their cat like traits) with a tail, claws and ears. This is an AU where every assclass character is a friggen Neko only Isogai and Asano arent't.

(Okay, I really don't understand how nekos friggen work. So forgive me if this is shit kay? This was based on a comic I saw)


Looking at the glass were two cats. A red cat with golden eyes and a Blue cat with Deep Ocean blue eyes. They were beautiful; suddenly the red cat pounced on the blue one, trying to scratch it with his claws. The blue cat jumped backwards hissing in response. You thought you heard the red cat snicker.

"Karma! Why did you do that?"

"She seemed bored, so I decided to liven things up!"

"Well, she's never going to adopt you..."

The cats kept on meowing you wondered what their conversation was about. The bell of the door shop rung, Isogai and Asano came out. (HAH YOU GAY, YOU LIKE MAEHARA) "I'm glad you came here today Y/N!" The black haired male mumbled. "What's the matter? You seem so concerned."

"Well, as you know I own this Neko 'shop', but I don't have enough money to keep it running. I do not want to hand it to the scientist for an experiment." Isogai looked down onto the ground. "Isogai," Asano spoke up, "I'll take the green cat, white cat and the brown cat with the blonde stripes."

"Ahh.. you mean Kayano, Itona and Terasaka."

"Isn't Terasaka a trouble maker though?" You question sweat dropping. Though you had never seen a neko take into a human form. Occasionally when you went to the shop, the red cat apparently called Karma was fighting with Terasaka.

"Y/N, sorry to trouble you but could you take Nagisa and Karma? They seem to like you a lot..." Isogai trailed off looking at the glass. You liked the red and blue cat, however the red cat was more interesting. Smiling at the boy, "Sure I'll take both of them, it shouldn't be hard to handle." "Just don't fall in love with one of them," Asano smirked. "Same to you." Laughing you headed into the shop.

"Some of the other cats were taken." Isogai had made this shop were the nekos could live peacefully. He had saved many and some of them were luckily to be given homes. Nekos were now a big talk in Tokyo City. Some had said that Nekos were pets and some had said nekos should be treated like humans. For now, nekos were companions who had to obey their owner.

You smirked thinking to yourself, 'It's more like me caring for my boyfriend but he has to obey me.'

"Just saying nekos will transform into humans, you know that right? In addition, they will turn back into a cat if you have guests over. They can tell which humans are neko owners and which are cats." You nodded trying to remember all the information.

"In human form, they can eat anything but in cat form please give them cat food. Most of the time they'll be most likely in their human form though."

You took a mental note to search these things up later, Isogai opened the cat door and picked up the two cats. Handing them to you. "The cat food should arrive later, I'll have them send it to you."

You thanked Isogai and said bye to Asano who was complaining about Terasaka. Holding the two cats in your hand, you put them down as you tried to unlock the front door. The cats walked into your house by themselves. "Make yourselves at home." Nagisa purred in response. Karma was curious and walked around your house, checking out the cabinets to see where he could hide.

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