Good Boy

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Once I was standing in front of their door, I knocked over the wooden door.
The person who opened the door completely surprised me.

"What do you want, Katana?"
"What are you doing here?" I spat looking at Lexie and her exposing appearance.
"Who is it?" A deep voice asks approaching us.
A smirk forms on her lips as Cole came from behind her, giving her a kiss on the cheek before looking at me with an unrecognizable expression.

"What is it Storm?" He asks completely angry at my presence. I guess I deserve it huh.
"I wanted to talk to you" I replied trying to regain my confidence.
"About?" He asks raising an eyebrow.
"It's kind of private" I answer mimicking his facial expression.
"Fine" He says before Lexie gives him a kiss, making my blood boil.

"Im sorry"
"What for? You didn't do anything" he said.
"I really can't live knowing your mad at me" I answered looking up at him.
"But you can live knowing your hurting not just me, but everyone who cares of you right?" he responded pulling out a pack of cigarettes from his back pocket.
"Since when do you smoke?" I ask a bit surprised.
"Since a month ago" he bluntly answers.
"Well stop, it's not healthy" I demanded taking the deadly stick out his mouth.

"When did you start caring about me? If I don't recall, you shut me out" he spat taking hold of the pack again.
"I'm trying to protect my members" I lie.
Although it hurt to say those words, I had to, in order to protect him.
"Hmm, I heard you were helping Luca now, and you come to my house to apologize while your stabbing me in the back?"
"What's stopping me from putting a bullet through your head?" He asks coldly.

Yup, I'm on the other side, don't kill me though. I'm not actually helping the west. I'm double crossing them. I get information from them about where and when they will attack, and anonymously send the info to Cole

The same night that I met with Luca, I was walking home when a gun shot rang. Once I turned around, I saw Luca with a gun in his hand, pointing at me. He said "If you don't want to die, you'll help me" he spat.
Immediately, I turned the situation around and had him against the wall with the gun pointing at him.
I could see the fear in his eyes as he cowered down.

"Stop whimpering, I won't hurt you. But I will help you. I want revenge on Pietra for stealing Ray, so I'll help you. As long as she doesn't get hurt, understand?"
His expression changed into a sinister smirk and we made a decision I would help as long as Ray wasn't harmed.

"Because, you love me" I smugly answer. In that moment, Cole was quiet and didn't say a word.
"Wow, and to think I thought you were different" he mumbled with his voice cracking slightly.


I couldn't really get much sleep last night. I picked up my phone and looked at the time
5:49 am. I might as well get up.
I changed into a pair of gym shorts and my usual shirt with my running shoes.

I grabbed my phone along with headphones and headed outside.
I plugged in my headphones and allowed myself to drown in the weekends album.
Running has always been a sport I've enjoyed.
But it's not just a sport, it's an outlet for all my pain, I use it to run away from my problems. I know I can't escape from them, but I can run from them. And the faster I run, the farther I get.

After running 2 hours in the woods, I decided it was time for me to turn back. I slowly made my way back home, admiring the sunrise through the trees.
I was so focused on the sky, that I bumped into what felt like a moving tree.

"Watch it" I snapped looking up at Cole who's staggering height towered over me.
"You bumped into me, Storm" he replied raising an eyebrow.
"I don't care about that. I don't want any physical contact with you Stone"
"Oh really?, you weren't saying that a few weeks ago" He smirked.
I wonder what's keeping me from kissing him right now.

"Hmm I guess you have Lex to do that for you now huh" I replied looking up at him.
"It's not like that"
"Then What is it like?"
"She's just a..... distraction"
"And I'm guessing I was one too?" I asked.
"What do you think?" He grinned. Ouch

"just leave me alone. All I want to do I protect Ray, like I've always done" I sneered walking away from him.

"Nah, I don't think you want to protect her, I think you want to protect yourself" he yelled out from behind me.


After a shower and a change of clothes, which were a pair of grey leggings, and a tank top under a Nike wind breaker topped off with a pair of ray bans. I looked on my phone and saw a text from Caden, turns out I have training with Newbies today. Hopping on my bike, I drove to The abandoned building I told everyone to meet at.

"I think he has to work on his parkour skills" Rick says whilst I walk with him up to the roof.
Once we reached the top, I could see some people jumping over roofs and onto trees.
I scanned the place and my eyes landed on Jay who was leaning against the brick wall lazily while talking to one of my female members.

"I'll get him" Rick says taking a step forward. I put my hand out in front of him, stopping him from moving.
"Come on Jay, lets see what you've got" I demanded looking over at him through my glasses.

"Just a sec. I'm doing something"
"I didn't ask Mr.Cullen" I spat turning me head over to him. He narrowed his eyes, refusing to move.
"5......4......" he immediately bolted up and ran towards me.
"Good boy"

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