TimDami:What Similarities?

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(I would like to mention that this is my first time writing TimDami or even having heard from it until one of you guys/gals and nonbinary pals suggested it as a oneshot)

I breathed slowly as I took in the sharp air in the city known as Gotham, also known as my home. Reasoning to myself that I'm out on patrol is because Bruce and Dick are out on league business again, funny how it gets left to me to pick up the slack. I dropped down to a nearby alley way to continue and to catch a breather.Until I heard light footsteps behind me, I quickly turned around to be met with the demon spawn. I let out a soft sigh, thanking it wasn't a villain than had caught me off guard. Why is he here,I'm not in the mood for him today, or any other day.I walked up to him with my gaze set on him almost imitating his actions, as his eyes drilling into my skull with his glare, jeez he does look slightly like Bruce when glaring, wait no he looks alot like Bruce. I raised my eyebrow slightly at his expression curious as to why he was glaring at me.... then again this is Damian and he does glare a lot for no reason.
"What do you want demon spawn?" I questioned taking a step towards him closing the space in between us.
"For you to listen" He spoke a smirk prominent on his face. I nodded as an indication for him to carry on."It has come to my attention that you and I aren't as different as we seem to think." I took a step backwards, getting confused at the accusation he was suggesting, as to try and create more space, confused at his insinuation he has suggested, so I had room to think clearly. Even if i was the one who closed it in the first place .Demon-spawn didn't seemed to be bothered, as he pushed me right against the wall, after taking steps towards me, once again closing the space. As he pressed himself against me trapping me in place, his knee between my legs.
"Do you want to know what they are?" He said once again closing the space between us. I gulped and slowly nodded my head, hoping i wouldn't regret my decision later. As seconds passed my mind realized how close of a proximity we are together a slight pink tone dusted my cheeks as heat radiated from them."Well let's just say that we both like very attractive people now don't we?" I gave him a puzzled look as my eyebrow quirked up slightly due to this confusion. After a moment he leaned back slightly so I could get a view of his face.
"You really are clueless"He said as he poked my chest in a teasing manner."But I'll tell you another thing we have in common" He paused once again, looking downards to the floor,stepping back slightly as I could no longer see his facial expression. I took this as my moment to get away from being so close to him not caring about what he has to say. Thinking quickly, I pushed him away, him stumbling slightly at my actions. He quickly gained his composure, with him having a hurt look on his face, I swiftly made an advance upwards using my grappling hook. Landing upon the roof, I made a run for it. Wanting to get away from him as quickly as possible.
I raked through my mind of places I could go that he'd least suspect. None. I couldn't think of anywhere... I paused upon a skyscraper. Confused, flustered and worried were clouding my minds. Why was he acting like...like this! All I knew was that I had to keep going. Also how could a kid his size be that strong! I just kept on going and going, not caring where I was headed. I went to leap off another building only to be pulled back by my cape. Hanging off of the edge, I started to panic as I tried to look up to see who it was. Him....
He pulled me up, showing no fatigue at all. As soon as I was up he looked at me with guilt-filled eyes. My heart clenched as guilt struck me. I shouldn't have ran away.
"Im sorry for coming across strong" he mumbled, turning around only to stare at the floor once again. I glanced at my hands. Ah screw it. I walked behind him and enveloped him into a hug.
"Im sorry for running away..." I whispered,hugging him more slightly. He crept out of my grasp and turned around. His face slightly red. I gave him a small smile. "Umm.. Can I do something?" He muttered still glancing at me every other moment. I hesitated, what is he planning?, I nodded.
A small smile appeared on his face."Can you close your eyes?" He asked again. I nodded once again, a bit slower this time, telling him that I will.
My eyes fluttered closed. I heard him taking a few steps closer, feeling his breath on my face. I relaxed slightly willingly as my body took over, leaning forwards ever so little. His lips fell upon mine. Thinking for a split second,I was about to kiss back until he pulled away. I opened my eyes confused furrowing my eyebrows slightly in disappointment unknowingly across my face.
He started walking away as he turned away. I panicked, I reached out to grab his arm. Doing so successfully he turned around in shock. I pulled him closer, his body leaning into mine. He gazed up towards me. I leaned down connecting our lips once again this one I was definable returning. I asked for entrance, as we battled for dominance. Myself winning eventually, my tongue exploring his mouth as it was still flushed against his. Needing oxygen, we pulled away, red faces with bruised lips. I pressed my forehead against his. As a smile broke out upon both of our faces,
"I wanted to kiss you back the first time.."
Hope you enjoyed that after my very long break I do apologise but it had to be done for myself.

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